You're a heart centered entrepreneur who gets their clients results! You're the next best thing since slice bread but your bank account is not really reflecting the value that you truly offer. Tired of hiding behind that computer screen? 

Build a thriving community

Ready to Constantly get booked out!?


YES! I want to grow my business

& monetize it

that you

Black Friday Special!

Tired of being that hidden gem...

for coaches, course creators and service providers

Black Friday Special!

feast or famine?

The game changer for your business is COMMUNITY

Let's face it, you can't continue the same ol' hamster wheel with nothing to show for it. Reels, FB Threads, Likes and comment.
Somethings gotta give.

Listen, those pirhana threads ain't it. You can spend all your time in other people's fb groups trying to tip-toe around selling your offer, but if your message doesn't really align with why they are there in the first place, all that effort will go to waste, and worse you'll look like a salesy spammer 🤮

Having a beautiful curated feed and tweaking your strategy to create those elusive viral reels and constantly seeing what audio is trending...ain't it.

Having a fb group strategy that sells to a random community that you don't have free unlimited access to hoping that someone reaches out out of the 100s of look-alike comments to laser focus and pick yours...ain't it.

you can’t keep having a strategy by randomly posting and expect tons of sales just roll in.

Here's the thing...

Having a bunch of offers and sales pages playing Russian roulette with FB Ads thinking, 'this one's going to be the viral "one", with each publish...ain't it.

having money to invest in ads, constantly posting to see what sticks or creating a beautiful feed won't be the solution to finally hitting those 5k -10k months.

The simple truth...

Sell everyday on your stories, they say.
Post 3 times a day, they say.
Make reels, dance, make 'em laugh, they say.

Here's what you need to know about creating a thriving community while getting sales & booked out, without feeling over worked or spending less time with your family time and time again. 

The days of easily growing your following with just a beautiful curated imagery are gone like the wind 💨

Let's get real, you didn't start your business to be an entertainer, pop lockin your way to success. With algorithms dropping engagement like it’s a new bop, short attention spans and just about every admin using the @ everyone tag like it's confetti, it's no wonder people are saying Fb groups are done and gone.

Don't believe the hype my friend. Did you know that there are over 1.7+ billion FB users and climbing with a core focus on GROUP engagement.

The Truth is FB Groups are not dead. FB Groups who don’t intentionally create a community are.

Let's break the cycle

So why do fb group seem like they are more work than what they really are? AND why is no one talking about how AMAZING they are?

It comes down to a few problems:

No. 1

Problem ONE

You're in your field of business because you're an expert. It's no surprise, so why make it difficult for your people to actually get deeper with you? Letting them know they're not alone and YOU are qualified to guide them to the solution they are looking for is only right.


Problem TWO

You're afraid to go LIVE and show up.

The days of banking on the talent of placing well curated images in a grid commanding a leading authority figure are kinda of done. It's all about videos, no more hiding behind pretty pics. I don't know if you've noticed but informational reels are hitting it's weight in word count gold. People are looking for experts and they are looking for YOU. 


Problem THREE

You don't want to spend all your time on social media

Yet, you'd rather spend time looking at other people's content than spend time crafting a community. It's no guessing game why public figures like Jenna Kutcher, Click Funnels expert like Russel Brunson host their own groups and it's not because they are rolling in the Benjamins. FB Groups are known to position YOU as the authority in your niche. It also facilitates trust and the likeable factor.


Problem FOUR

The truth is, there's a point that not selling is doing a disservice to your clients and customers who are waiting for you to show up. But really, you are, you'd rather poll other groups, comment on other peoples content then actually start showing up not just for you, but for the people who need what you got. It's time to start focusing on a strategy that truly positions you for sales, impact and influence.

You don't realize that people actually want you to lead them to sucess.

You don't want to sell because you'll feel salesy


I love to motivate and constantly provide supportive information that helps my clients. But many times I was late because I did not have a structure to create a course that will impact and that provides value to my clients. Now that I have used Linda's template I realize that you can get much more done in less time. This allowed me to create more courses and move forward with other things in my business that require my attention.

You can get much more done in less time!


I have gone through the courses and it has been so amazing to see so many different ways to help my clients with the growth of their FB groups. Especially in the ways as to jumping into groups and leveraging your posts to really bring you, ideal clients, to you.

So many different ways to help my clients with their growth!


I loved it. I have an archived group but I wasn't getting a lot of interaction or engagement so I closed it a few months ago. I have been rebranding and considering opening it back up but wasn't clear on what to do. After watching your challenge, I feel like I have some clarity. Thanks!

I loved it.


The confidence you have unlocked in me is necessary. I've got the goods and the knowledge, I just couldn't figure out how to approach monetizing in a meaningful way.

Monetizing in a meaningful way

You have the expertise, you know you can serve, and serve well. You’re about the transformation you provide to your clients and you’re truly here to help people. BUT, you're learning value, doesn't equal income. And no matter how good you think you're doing one moment, famine months are around the corner if you don't book that client or make that sale asap...

Steps in your FB Group Social Strategy, now you have the business that you can...


Growing a thriving and profitable fb group of clients and future buyers is as easy as showing up

The good news

Call grandma and let her know you're dropping of her grandkids and finally slide into a massage chair without any guilt of getting some self care time. Because you are worth it. #MentalHealthMatters

Pick up any day and go where ever you want. Oh that new coffee shop with the brunch menu set to Insta good. Now you're all about that Acai bowl life.

Finally let that family member know, you did exactly what you set out to do, you created the freedom and family life you wanted on your terms without having to  sacrifice your littles milestones and games

I'm so Ready


If you are ready to take your dream to the next level then Linda Mendible is our go to person.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level then Linda s your go to person

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the fords sisters

You have provided such a comprehensive toolkit. I have used the Canva tutorials the circular photo, astra, elementor, the plugins. Once the site is up and running I will go back through SEO and facebook. This has definitely been a blessing

This has definitely been a blessing

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I’ve been an entrepreneur for a while and when my dreams came  true of finally building a thriving business was all due to when I started incorporating a strategy around community. 

What changed the game ? 

When I started strategically aligning my marketing with my FB Group, our sales also grew

I've been in your shoes and I wanted my time back, while my business grew and it did.

Building a FB Community that works for me and my schedule. I’m a busy mom like YOU and I don’t have time to lego it all together or spending a ton of time. So I started intentionally growing my community it helped me make a bigger impact then I could ever possibly imagine and I want the same for you.

When I found out a core secret to making sales eeerrry day, I was immediately hooked. High ticket sales became a breeze. Business didn't become a chore it became a fun addition to help & connect with amazing people like you and all around my expertise and services.

Sign me up!

No. 1

Module ONE

Start creating an impactful community and culture easily with this training along with the steps to monetize and sell with confidence and authority to people who want to hear from you.


Module TWO

Don't ever have to second guess if people are going to show up or watch your LIVEs again

Don't warm up a cold audience, simply create magnetic buzz People in online are already engaged, energized and ready to connect with YOU, we help you find and attract and call out to your tribe. 


Module THREE

Create an offer so good & juicy they start asking 'where do I sign up'

The easy frame work on how to create a lead magnet or online course that converts! That's right! You don’t have to wonder anymore about creating those digital offers, get the strategy, outline and resources to create an enticing digital offer. 


Module FOUR

Going LIVE in your FB group is crucial to solidify your expertise, present yourself as the leader and immediately onboard those who have been waiting for YOU and your offer to sign up easily. It's Instant, trust, reliability and credibility when you go LIVE intentionally

Create a thriving and engaged FB Community in 5 days

Show up ready to slay with Plug 'n play templates

Boost engagement & conversion rates with a presentationt that allows them to understand the value you offer

Easily sell your services, offers or products with the speakers CTA.

Craft a beautiful workbook in minutes

Perfected to:

Finally easily create a digital product that's an easy yes for those who want to work with you

Create an offer that keeps your ideal clients coming back for more

Get crystal clear on your messaging, who you serve and who you're for

Perfected to:

Have access to the resources and strategy that can double the growth of any business in any industry

Align your message with the right people that sales just become second nature

Grow your group in record time, it's easier to grow a group then grow a list

Perfected to:

Have authentic connection & relationships while making money without sacrificing time

Have a community that people thank you for hosting

Have authority and credibility within your niche & expertise

Perfected to:

Value: $397

Value: $497

Value: $197

Value: $97

When you join the Black Friday Self Paced Course you'll get instant access to all Modules & a chance for a 1-1 Session with me.


Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP

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That's over $1188 of value instantly

Once a Month office hours: with a focus on Batching REELS

LIVE Access to Guest Teachers

FREE Access to upcoming 2023 Monetizing Mompreneur Summits

LIVE Zoom Weekly Q&A with Break out sessions

Private FB Community

Secret Behind the Scenes Podcast Episodes

What You'll get when you Choose VIP

Monetizing Mompreneurs Society is now a 6-month Group Coaching program with an option for self paced. Have lifetime access to the content, courses & templates.

You'll Automatically get access to



I'm so Ready

I believe in this so much I want to offer the first 3 people to sign up will receive a BONUS 1-1 session with me, Linda Mendible to discuss any area of their business.

Limited time offer

Let's chat 1-1



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No. 1

Bonus ONE

everything you need to start, launch, style & grow an audience generating blog that has the potential to land you clients and get you sales! This action packed workshop series and digital asset bundle is all you need to help you start, flourish, grow a blog consistently, bang out audience attracting posts each week, and have it styled beautifully, quickly & easily.


Bonus TWO

6- Month Group Coaching

Get Access to Q&A Sessions and submit your questions to be answered LIVE in one of our weekly ZOOM Lives.
Also have access to:
  • Personality Quizzes to help you market your business
  • Money Boot Camp - Learn how to manage your money for growth
  • Behind the scenes on the best tools, apps and resources to have a streamlined funnel primed for conversion.



OFFICE Hours: Social Media Reels Vault

Ever wonder how to use social media that grows your business your email list and racks in sales? Let's focus on that REELs game once a month with up to 5 easy curated reels you can do in your sleep, just hit record. Also get access to participate in the REELs Vault where you collaborate with other members and have access to not just share each others videos but tag one another and grow together.


Bonus FOUR

Grab the SOPs that make it easy to start a Podcast and never look back. Audio & Video are a big deal in today's business landscape. Why not easily start one with the step by steps laid out to get on itunes, google play and so many more outlets.

create a stunning website and blog in days not months.

Solidify your presence with an audio game to boot!






If after 28 days of taking the trainings, going through the courses/modules and you still haven't made any sales that takes your business from hobby waters to thriving shores...

Email us at and send us your Enticing offer Slide deck,  Your LIVE recording of said slide deck, Your Speakers CTA Upsells, Your Enticing Offer Workbook, Your FB Group Prompts & FB Group page and we will send you your money back. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

(Total Value $1188)

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Pay in full and join the 6 month group coaching program

VIP with Support + Group Coaching

Choose your experience. Choose from Monetizing Mompreneurs Black Friday Self Paced Experience or upgrade for the full version of Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP Society, includes 6-months of group support, community & more

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Bonus: one hour 1-1 Session with Linda 

First 3 sign ups
($350 Value)

Bonus: one hour 1-1 Session with Linda 

First 3 sign ups
(Value: $350) 

Value: $5000 



LIVE Access to Guest Teachers
Monthly office hours: with a focus on Batching REELS
Secret Behind the Scenes Podcast Episodes
Access to The Blog Cure
LIVE Access to Guest Teachers
Monthly office hours: with a focus on Batching REELS
Secret Behind the Scenes Podcast Episodes


Total Value: $1188 




No. 1

Of course! This is why we created Monetizing Mompreneurs. This is a judgement free zone.

No. 2

You can access it in the “START HERE” tab of your members area once you sign up! We will also be sending out reminder emails to our members.

No. 3

Yes! All trainings that are done within Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP Experience can also be accessed here once you make your payment and log in.

No. 4

We would love to answer any questions you may have. Submit a ticket by clicking here:

No. 5

With the Self paced version you get access on how to create and monetizing a thriving FB Group helping you become the authority in your niche while creating community, it's for newer mompreneurs (who don't need more focus) to use FB Groups as part of their content, marketing strategy, increase their sales & book high ticket offers.

With the FULL VIP Experience of Monetizing Mompreneurs Society you will get access to me, a private FB Group with monthly REELs creation office hours, weekly Q&A's.

Self-Paced Version includes
All 4 Modules
  • Creating a thriving FB Community & Training
  • Magnetic Attraction Secrets
  • Entice & Attract Course
  • The Speakers Tool Box
Which comes with workbooks, templates and prompts to help you get started right away.

Self Paced - Does not include:
  • Monetizing Mompreneurs Society Private FB Group
  • Access to Monthly REEL Creation & Vault
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with networking breakout sessions
  • Access to Monetizing Mompreneurs Summits
  • Live Access to Guest Teachers
  • The Blog Cure Course
  • Secret Podcast Episode

No. 6

Absolutely! Regardless on which option you choose to enroll you get instant access to all of the course content and bonuses that you're entitled to.

Love notes

Can't wait to jump in?

Can't wait to meet you on the other side.

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