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What are community is about

It's all about 

• Community over Competition

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Have authentic connection & relationships with high vibe woman that get you?

Have an enticing offer that people sign up for, buy and rave about within your community?

Have a community that people thank you for hosting?

Have authority and credibility within your niche & expertise?

In our group you can Learn How to:

amanda C.

I felt mine wasn’t active enough and after going through your workshop I can see now what I was doing wrong. Appreciate you sharing!  


My business completely changed when I realized that creating a community around your expertise was the key to true success when it came to online digital marketing.

I developed this challenge to encourage and propel you to launch your community, you won't regret it. When you have a community of your ideal audience you'll find that serving them is the easiest way to build your business.

it's all about community

hi loves!

I’m Linda Mendible


amanda c.

I loved the challenge. I have an archived group but I wasn't getting a lot of interaction or engagement so I closed it a few months ago. I have been rebranding and considering opening it back up but wasn't clear on what to do. After watching your challenge, I feel like I have some clarity. It was very helpful for me. Thanks!

I loved the challenge...
After watching your challenge, I feel like I have some clarity! 

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I have gone through Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP Experience and it has been so amazing to see so many different ways to help my clients with the growth of their Facebook groups. Especially in the ways as to jumping into groups and leveraging your post to really bring you, ideal clients, to you.

So many different ways to help my clients with their growth!

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