Learn how to...
Have you ever wanted to learn how to...
...build your own course or website?
...organize those files using the latest tech tools to make your life, business easier?
...or build out your team?
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You're invited...
Hello Love, I'm Linda Mendible and I'm a Netflix junkie, organization mastermind and self-proclaimed digital expert with the techy smarts to help you make sense of all this internet stuff. I've gathered all of my knowledge and experience with working one on one with local businesses and entrepreneurs. To bring you a one of a kind membership experience.
Cheers to your success!! 🥂
Be Confident...
This Membership Experience is geared towards giving you the confidence to...
...organize your files
...start taking on clients
... start or scale your business.
... build a WordPress website or launch a course.
When you nail down the foundation of your business you start off solid then you are able to serve your clients and customers well.
Become a Founding Member...
By becoming a Founding Member we'll be working on developing a membership experience that is specifically custom made to meet you where you're stuck within your business.
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What to expect...


You'll have access to templates geared to making your life easier, including emails and proposal templates to help you create a winner!

Hot Seat

We'll also have live one on one discussions, where we'll place a member (like you) on the spotlight to talk more in-depth about your business and where you're stuck. It's a great opportunity to get eyes on your business and get great feedback from others who also want to see you succeed!

$0 TO COURSE (Beta)

A How-to on how to create your very own online course.

Social Media for Beginners

A beginners guide to social media. Using Scheduling tools and an introduction to each platform.

Learning the tech tools

You'll learn the tech tools I use on a daily, along with strategy.

Live walk throughs

You'll have a chance to ask me anything you'd like, if you may be stuck or a specific area that you need more help in. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and your business.

This Membership Experience is currently in Beta...
Which means that each course will be released one at a time, which is a great opportunity to go through the whole Experience, courses, templates and everything available along with me and I alongside you helping you define what you need to focus on to get that breakthrough past that invisible wall!

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Doors Close 2/14/2019

The Membership Experience Officially Starts March 2019

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