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is this you?

Does this sound like you...

Do you dive headfirst into challenges, knowing that there's always a solution, no matter how tough it gets?

You're bursting with ideas but haven't quite cracked the code on creating a digital product or building that all-important funnel.

Do you dream of growing your profits, community, and email list while gaining more quality time with your family?

You're determined to make a mark in the entrepreneurial world and level up your game.

Ever feel like you're spinning your wheels? You want to escape that feeling of being stuck and start seeing real growth in your business and would like access to someone to ask questions and make strides

I'd love support on my journey

This program kicks off January 10th 2024.
Listen, I've been there. The sleepless nights, the endless tasks, the glorious mess of it all. But I've also discovered how to easily grow without having to be everywhere or taking away from precious family time. It's about a passive approach to profits.

here's the deal - 


that being a part of Bundles & Summits done right grows your email list substantially. Email marketing returns $36 for every $1 spent. That's almost 40x. Small businesses claim that email marketing is the marketing channel that brings them the highest return on investment.

Did you know...

What if...

You can spend more time with family, friends and less with clients, command higher prices because your offer drove in results time after time. 

You didn't have to show up 10x a day just to get 1 like, 1 comment or 1 dm. But you had a solid marketing strategy that positioned you as the go to industry leader in your field. And constantly brought you in new subscribers and new sales.

You knew exactly what income was coming in each month and you didn't have to take 1-1 clients or VIP Clients unless you wanted to.

The Truth is hosting or being part of bundles can grant you the freedom and profits you desire. 

Let's break the cycle

So why do bundles & summits seem like they are more work than what they really are? AND why is no one talking about how AMAZING they are?

Become a founding member today. And get ready for life changing connections and strategies

Hi I'm Linda Mendible, web designer and Brand  Strategist. I'm also  Host of Monetizing Mompreneurs. After working with clients on their FB groups, funnels and businesses. I wanted a more passive way to drive in profits. That's when I stumbled upon hosting bundles & summits. Immediately my email list doubled in less then a week and I woke up to new sales and students.

Let's help you build a funnel that actually works and positions you as an industry leader.

No. 1

What's Included?

As a founding member, when you pay in full you'll have 3 weeks of 1-1 weekly support with Linda. You can continue the DIY route or partner with me to help you actually host a bundle or summit that impacts your community & business. Go from ‘never heard’ of to ‘Go-to’ person.


VIP Access to Monetizing Mompreneurs Summits & VIP Bundle.

Binge-worthy connections and lessons. This one is a no-brainer and an added bonus to your experience in the Society. We will have a total of 27 speakers and VIP bundle resources that will blow your socks off this December 6th - 8th. Not only will you gain access to the replays, but also the private podcast and VIP bundle items from past Speakers.


Resources such as Canva Templates, Trello Boards with SOPs, and courses on creating bundles and hosting summits.

Competition is fierce, having the right strategy is fiercer. Grow your email anytime you want, because you will be given the tools + support to do so. With SOPs, Checklists and step by step on how to host or be part of a bundle or summit with unique strategies.


Pay in Full and...

What if being part of any bundle, FREE or not, not only will grow your email list, but also learn the strategies to gain sales, easily when implemented right! And get 1-1 personal Voxer time with me along with 3 weeks of weekly 1-1 calls when you pay in full.

Early Access to Monetizing Mompreneurs Society Content

Gain Voxer access to me this whole month of October to help set you up or answer any pressing questions you may have.

I'm In!

No. 1


Imagine that you've created a content strategy that drives more visibility and people primed and ready for your offer. No more figuring it out by yourself we'll give you THE FRAMEWORK on how to develop aligned content that actually works for you and your business.



Knowing exactly when to show up and where because you have a system.

Imagine having the SOPs, systems and Layout of a well oiled machine that just grows with each launch, given to you and laid out because we've done the hard work for you.



Spending more time doing the things you love and less time on discovery calls that don't convert.

Imagine if you were given the exact steps to have high-ticket offers that get filled and also a recurring income stream that allows you to scale and take on the work that you want.



Imagine being given the step by step play book on validating your offer that not only positions it to sell but serves your ideal clients and customers. That when it comes to speaking about your signature membership, it feels like a disservice not to scream it out on to the roof tops. We here you Love.

People showing up and waiting for you to pitch them and saying... "Where do I sign up"

Feeling confident in selling because you know you are serving your audience.


If you are ready to take your dream to the next level then Linda Mendible is our go to person.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level then Linda is your go to person

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the fords sisters

You have provided such a comprehensive toolkit. I have used the Canva tutorials the circular photo, astra, elementor, the plugins. Once the site is up and running I will go back through SEO and facebook. This has definitely been a blessing

This has definitely been a blessing

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING After working with me or getting one of my courses


I love to motivate and constantly provide supportive information that helps my clients. But many times I was late because I did not have a structure to create a course that will impact and that provides value to my clients. Now that I have used Linda's template I realize that you can get much more done in less time. This allowed me to create more courses and move forward with other things in my business that require my attention.

You can get much more done in less time!


I have gone through the courses and it has been so amazing to see so many different ways to help my clients with the growth of their FB groups. Especially in the ways as to jumping into groups and leveraging your posts to really bring you, ideal clients, to you.

So many different ways to help my clients with their growth!


I loved it. I have an archived group but I wasn't getting a lot of interaction or engagement so I closed it a few months ago. I have been rebranding and considering opening it back up but wasn't clear on what to do. After watching your challenge, I feel like I have some clarity. Thanks!

I loved it.


The confidence you have unlocked in me is necessary. I've got the goods and the knowledge, I just couldn't figure out how to approach monetizing in a meaningful way.

Monetizing in a meaningful way

Continue to go the DIY route or partner with me to help you actually host a bundle or summit that impacts your community & business. Go from ‘never heard’ of to ‘Go-to’ person.

AFTER Working with me, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO:

Host a successful summit or bundle

Competition is fierce, having the right strategy is fiercer. Grow your email anytime you want, because you will be given the tools + support to do so.

Grow Your email list faster then IG or Blogging

What if being part of any bundle, FREE or not, not only grow your list but learn the strategies to also gain sales, easily when implemented right!

Tap into strategies that help grow your business.

Ready to take your business, life and dreams to the next level?

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Once a Month office hours

LIVE Access to Monthly Guest Teachers

VIP Access to all Monetizing Mompreneur Summits

LIVE Zoom Monthly Q&A 

Private FB Community

Access to the Private Podcast: Binge-able Bundles with Strategies

What You'll Receive This january 2024

This January 2024 we will kick start Monetizing Mompreneur Society a 6-month Group Coaching program designed to help you grow with bundles+summits

You'll get access to all the bonuses

When you become a founding Member 

No. 1

Bonus ONE

everything you need to start, launch, style & grow an audience generating blog that has the potential to land you clients and get you sales! This action packed workshop series and digital asset bundle is all you need to help you start, flourish, grow a blog consistently, bang out audience attracting posts each week, and have it styled beautifully, quickly & easily.


Bonus TWO

6- Month Group Coaching

Get Access to Q&A Sessions and submit your questions to be answered LIVE in one of our monthly ZOOM Lives.
Also have access to:
  • Personality Quizzes to help you market your business
  • Money Boot Camp - Learn how to manage your money for growth
  • Behind the scenes on the best tools, apps and resources to have a streamlined funnel primed for conversion.




This is set up as either a co-working session or mini mastermind within the program. Glean and learn from one another as well as what's working and what's not.


Bonus FOUR

Grab the SOPs that make it easy to start a Podcast and never look back. Audio & Video are a big deal in today's business landscape. Why not easily start one with the step by steps laid out to get on itunes, google play and so many more outlets.

create a stunning website and blog in days not months.

Solidify your presence with an audio game to boot!





6 month Membership

I am so pumped and excited about this strategy and the program that if in 6 Months starting from January 2024 after going through all of the workbooks, courses and implementing all of the steps and you get 0 results, (defined as, no one signing up to your email list) I will give you 100% a full refund.

Email us at hello@lindamendible.com for any reason and we'll give you your money back once you email us the workbooks, and shown us your implementation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

6 month payment option.



6x payments

1-1 available for the first 5 signups. Enroll within the first 2 days and Receive voxer support.

Pay in Full

Choose your experience. Choose from a month to month payment plan or pay in full and receive 3 weeks of weekly 1-1 coaching with Linda, that's 3-months of 1-1 support, community & more! Sign up within the next 2 days and gain Voxer Support as well!

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with Linda

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Of course! This is why we also created Monetizing Mompreneurs. This is a judgement free zone.

No. 2

You can access it in the “START HERE” tab of your members area once you sign up! We will also be sending out reminder emails to our members.

No. 3

This is still in Beta! Trainings will be available via Drip and November 17th 2023 where the first Module will be available and each week a new Module/Lesson/Course will be released.

No. 4

We would love to answer any questions you may have. Submit a ticket by clicking here: ladesk.lindamendible.com

No. 6

Not yet, it's currently in Beta Regardless on which option you choose to enroll you get instant access to the FB Group and private community we will officially start January 2024

Can't wait to jump in?

Can't wait to meet you on the other side.

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