From templates to courses, my focus is to help equip you within the realms of mindset, marketing, strategy and branding. With a core focus on FUN! Helping you work on your business as oppose to in.

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All I want to do is help ridiculously talented people do what they are ridiculously good at. That's where I started & I began by helping 1 person at a time. I've learned that business doesn't have to be hard, it can actually be exciting and totally worth it. I'm here to connect, share and encourage you to step into all that you are called to be. Join me in our amazing Facebook Group called Monetizing Mompreneurs. Where I go live, share resources and strategy on monetizing your expertise in a meaningful way.

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My favorite part was spending time with Linda. She's such an amazing woman to be around

I Launched my company Linda Mendible LLC officially, created a workshop for businesses in Fashion & Influence which included a guest speaker who was one of Fantasia's stylist and our a key note speaker Runway model & influencer who graced the walkway for major fashion brands such as Dior and was named 1 of 7 Iconic women in the world by Donald Trump. The fashion runway included an apprenticeship program for youth in the community, where we partnered with Ready. Set. Sew. A non-profit teaching young ladies the art of sewing and The School of Paul Mitchell. I will never forget how those children ran to me at the end of the event hugged and thanked me for the experience we brought them. They are our future. I personally believe in prompting our youths imagination of what is possible & within their reach.

It all started with heart and a dream in 2017

It is beyond an honor that I was graced with the title and crown of Ms. Mompreneur 2019! Baby Ana, our third little, a beautiful baby girl. Who was only 9 months at the time (yes I was pumping). What an incredible experience and one I hope to cherish and honor as I grow as a woman, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. It was also one of my most difficult experiences as leaving my littles and husband back in North Carolina while I flew down to Florida to receive my award and crown was gut wrenching. But as Ms. Mompreneur 2018 wisely consoled me I was there not just for myself but for them also.

In 2019 I won Ms. Mompreneur

What I've realized

it's all about community

As a Mompreneur I’ve realized through the years it’s about women coming together & lifting one another up. About finding the balance between embracing who we are and who we are meant to become. It’s about encouraging others. Not just for ourselves, but for our community, for our friends and for the ones we cherish…

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a family vacation

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It all starts with community. Nurture, Grow and Launch what your people most want and desire from YOU. Learn the steps and my roadmap to success with the following...

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 Before I hired Linda, I felt excited to work with such a professional and creative photographer. A fear that held me back from purchasing this service before now was the initial investment. Linda was the right fit for me because she knew how to capture the lifestyle images I wanted photographed. My photos came out great and work perfectly on my website and social media platforms. My favorite part was spending time with Linda. She’s such an amazing woman to be around.

My favorite part was spending time with Linda. She's such an amazing woman to be around

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The confidence you have unlocked in me is necessary. I've got the goods and the knowledge I just couldn't figure out how to approach monetizing in a meaningful way.

Monetizing in a meaningful way

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I hit my rock bottom August of 2008. I lost everything that anyone can deem “worthy” or “valuable”. I lost… a great job, my confidence, perceived security & my self respect because I was just coming out from an abusive relationship. In my very dark moments Jesus pulled me out of the impossible. If he can do it for me Love, he can do it for you. I tell you this story because YOU need to see that regardless of what your past may look like, you can become a new creation and start life a new with a brighter future and bigger blessings than you can ever imagine. You are worthy and you do deserve good things and to be happy.

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