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Our goal is to create clean elegant & sophisticated design transforming leads into clients, spectators into fans and brands into a legacy.

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Need a strong powerful yet beautiful online presence along with our strategic branding allowing you to knock your competitors out the water? Or at least have them talking about your brand? Check out our . . . Styled by Us options.

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The Linda Mendible Show

Because it’s your passion…

Linda Mendible takes you behind the scenes with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, moms, working professionals and amazing people pursuing their passions and going for their dreams. They say the hustle is sold separately and grace will take you places the hustle can’t, in this Podcast Linda will inspire you to fuel your passions and pursue your purpose because your biz is more than just a dream.

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A Boutique Creative Design Studio

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Linda Mendible is a boutique design & production studio created to support small and large brands digital media needs by effectively capturing their message & telling their stories through the silhouettes of design & media.

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If you are ready to take your dream to the next level then Linda Mendible is your go to person. From the very beginning she presented what my dream could look like. I immediately was drawn to working together and pursuing my dream by following actionable steps. She has been there to direct me from start to finish. It is hard for me to express how amazing Linda really is.

Lucy Brummett



LEEEEEENDA, thank you honey for your words of encouragement and your belief in me! I am sold and have total faith in your abilities and skill. You are my business coach and I am confidently putting my business and visions for it in your hands. Thank you so much for all of your insight and I am working on my homework as we speak. I just had a friend to contact me for her daughters prom and I believe she was waiting for me to go down on my price,,,..I didn't! Lol... Thanks for your guidance! I am so ready.

Shannon Sharpe

Make up Artist


I met Linda through a networking group and by the time we connected I was at a loss with my business. I knew my brand wasn’t great – the amount of business was telling me so. I was feeling lost, I had been spending hours and hours and not appearing to get anywhere fast. Then Linda walked into my life and in literally half an hour, I had clarity, I had vision and I had confidence. I also had big list of jobs that needed doing on my business. She gave me the injection of life, an injection of inspiration and an injection of motivation.

Adele Mccormack


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