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I'm a mompreneur, marketing strategist, webdesigner to exciting projects, brand photographer on special occasions and all in all, a mom who loves spending time with her kids & family all while being creative online. Did I mentioned I love lattes?

As a wife, mom of 3 littles & friend. I've learned just how valuable our time is, how important it is to build a community around your brand and how powerful building systems that can free up your time can be as a mom.

I'm on a mission to help you become more at peace with yourself, help you have more uninterrupted time with your family and loved ones with less stress. I help women do what they Love in a way that seems too good to be true. I'm here to help you with the right mindset and framework, that makes things easy and effortless, will you join me?

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You may think you need to do all the things, the reality is that if you focus on building your community, serving and listening to their needs, you will find that secret sauce you've been looking for.

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 I have used Linda’s templates I realize that you can get much more done in LESS TIME.

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The Digital Boutique

I’ve curated done for you canva, trello & elementor templates along with strategy and marketing hacks that are designed to cut through the fluff and give you exactly what you’ve been looking for. Done for you kits that you can easily customize with modern & playful designs for you to choose from.

You no longer have to worry about getting those graphics perfect or guess on your strategy, we’ve designed with you in mind.

Join our Membership and have access to monthly networking events. On demand video trainings that I share and give YOU the strategies on growing, nurturing and launching into your thriving FB Group community. Watch my free video training on the 3 secrets to a successful Facebook group &  one simple strategy can give you that buzz 🐝you’ve been looking for.

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T.I.M.E. with Linda Mendible is designed for women entrepreneurs, who are ready to join a mastermind of like-minded women and are ready to start creating a membership experience or subscription model to better serve their community, clients and audience. Let's go deeper together.

The Incredible Mastermind experience


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Linda Mendible helps you create a thriving and engaged FB community or website that's automated and created for organic growth & reach. While working together we'll create your FB Group strategic prompts, resources for your ideal clients and an automated marketing strategy that leaves you with more time but still making it feel like you've never left your tribe's side. Tired of chasing those cold leads? We help you create a marketing strategy that quickly turns cold leads to warm dm's in your inbox, to piping hot prospects waiting to connect & work with you!

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angela s.

Before my VIP Day with Linda there was a need to gain more understanding of digital marketing. It was all about timing. I found Linda to be the right fit because she is very knowledgeable and quick. I’m experiencing great participation from members in the group and my favorite part was seeing the end product.

I am experiencing great participation from those in my group!

Darianna a.

I love to motivate and constantly provide supportive information that helps my clients. But many times I was late because I did not have a structure to create a course that will impact and that provides value to my clients. Now that I have used Linda’s template I realize that you can get much more done in less time. This has allowed me to create more courses and move forward with other things in my business that require my attention.

You can get much more done in less time!


I have gone through Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP Experience and it has been so amazing to see so many different ways to help my clients with the growth of their Facebook groups. Especially in the ways as to jumping into groups and leveraging your post to really bring you, ideal clients, to you.

So many different ways to help my clients with their growth!

Lucy B.

If you are ready to take your dream to the next level then Linda Mendible is your go to person. From the very beginning she presented what my dream could look like. I immediately was drawn to working together and pursuing my dream by following actionable steps. She has been there to direct me from start to finish. It is hard for me to express how amazing Linda really is.

If you are ready to take your dream to the next level then Linda Mendible is your go to person.

Angela m scott

She is very knowledgeable & quick! I am experiencing great participation from those in my group. My favorite part of our VIP Day was seeing the end product.

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