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Skip the long project days, undetermined deadlines, email threads that you can't keep up with and let's get you ready, automated, and evergreen for those meaningful sales in  DAYs not months or years!

Your VIP Day Intensives comes with a 1 hour and a half intensive over zoom, 1 - 3 Days of implementation, 1 week of support, and a follow up call.

Our focus is not just great design, it is to help you better serve your audience.

Choose from a Web Design or A FB Group Intensive both options is within a 1 - 3 day turnaround service. Check out what's included below.

Let's help you create a community & experience that's automated 

FB Group VIP Day Intensive: What's Included!

Weekday Prompts up to 7
 -Includes Canva Editable Template

Branding & Setup of your New FB Group
 -Includes Canva Editable Template Cover Image & Mockups

FB Group Audit of your current Group (If you have one)

designed with your tribe in mind:

FB Group Invite Page - Can be Swapped for a Lead Magnet Page

Set up with your preferred email service provider

30 Days Automated Scheduled Posts - with loom videos

IG Web Page

View Darianna's Case Study

View Angela's Case Study

3 Strategic Nurture Emails, 1 workflow

Web Design
VIP 3 Day Intensive: What's Included!

Loom Videos (How to Videos)

Homepage setup includes the setup and Flow of up to 10 pages/forms/products 

Theme Installation of your choice with guidance from us.

designed with your Brand in mind:

Automation - Help set up your automations with zapier

Set up with your preferred email service provider

Desired platform between Wordpress/ShowIT/ Woocomerce 

1 year of tech support/hosting with us

Help streamline 1 workflow

View Darianna's Showit Website

watch the video!

What to expect

why Showit!?



Building your community just got easier with Linda's professional guidance, branding techniques & designs, walkthrough, resources and personalized loom videos to help you not just create a coveted group, but continue to sustain it in the years to come.

Become a community superstar

Your successful VIP Day In mind


angela scott

"I'm experiencing great participation from those in my group!"


Once your date is officially reserved, we'll send over a form to help you prepare for your VIP day with Linda. Although we do walk hand in hand with you through out the whole process in order to make the most from your vip day make sure to have a zapier account, a preferred email service provider and social media scheduler. The form guides you on what we recommend if you need help in this area.

And now the fun begins! 

Your VIP Day Booked



During our 1 hour and a half call intensive, we'll sit down for 30 minutes and go through Linda's unique branding style to nail down your Groups look, feel and colors that are strategically designed to create a community feel. We ask that you are available the full day to make sure it's a smooth process

FB Groups can have their own branding we go through our own process here

Strategic Branding & Design



It's all about listening to your people. During our call we'll spend 30 minutes discussing the strategy behind your prompts/ages and aligning them to what you offer your ideal clients/customers. We'll take time to craft each caption.

Let's get to know your tribe and brand!

Strategic Prompts/Pages



There's a method to the madness as we like to say. For the last 30 minutes we start to outline your funnel & flow with your tribe's experience in mind. We care about the overall customer experience you're giving your audience.

let's get you automated




Once your VIP Day arrives it will end with a branded community feel your tribe will thank you for. You'll also walk away with loom videos, strategy, a nurture sequence and a workflow taking you step by step on how to setup each of the processes you are not familiar with, how to edit your canva templates or web pages and set up your automation each month. 

An engaged community

The Final Product


Angela scott

Before my VIP Day with Linda there was a need to gain more understanding of digital marketing. It was all about timing. I found Linda to be the right fit because she is very knowledgeable and quick. I’m experiencing great participation from members in the group and my favorite part was seeing the end product.

I am experiencing great participation from those in my group!

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I love to motivate and constantly provide supportive information that helps my clients. But many times I was late because I did not have a structure to create a course that will impact and that provides value to my clients. Now that I have used Linda’s template I realize that you can get much more done in less time. This has allowed me to create more courses and move forward with other things in my business that require my attention.

I realize that you can get much more done in less time!

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No. 1

You can either reserve your date with a deposit or a payment in full. If you paid the deposit the full rate must be paid within 3 days prior to your VIP Day or you forfeit your deposit. 

No. 2

Once your VIP Day is completed you are immediately sent all of your design assets and customizations.

No. 3

-2 Trello Boards to keep your project organized and on track
 *FB Group VIP Branding Trello Board  
 *FB Group Kit Trello Board
-Editable Branded Canva Templates 
*Branded FB Group cover with Mockups
Up to 7 Strategic prompts.
-30 Automated for you posts
- 3 Strategic Emails & 1 workflow
-Email Pop up for lead gen or to join your FB Group
-Custom Strategy on how to grow your FB Group personalized for you
-1 year Access to Monetizing Mompreneurs VIP Network
-A thorough checklist of what has been done.
-Steps 1 - 5 Loom Videos. 
*Step 1: How To Make A Copy of Your Trello Board
 *Step 2: How To Access Your Prompts
 *Step 3: How To Post a Welcome Post for New Members 
 *Step 4: Scheduling Recurring Posts
*Step 5: Any Additional tutorials you may need to be successful moving forward

No. 4

Your VIP Days includes 1 week of support and a follow-up call 7 days after your VIP Day has been completed. From there we can discuss your options and if you need additional support moving forward.

No. 5

No, you don't need to have a FB Group to book your VIP Day we can create one during your VIP Day while on our zoom video chat for our 1hour and a half intensive. We do reccommend you have an idea for a name for your FB Group.

No. 6

As long as you provide at least 3 days prior notice before your VIP Day starts we can accommodate you based on what is available on our schedule. Your VIP Day must be booked within 3 months of signing off on your contract.

No. 7

You'll receive a Trello Board with your Brand Kit item, automations and 
up to 5 Strategically Designed Webpages which includes your home page.
Tech/hosting Support with Us
A beautifully designed website you brag your friends and audience to that actually works for you & converts!

No. 8

Once you fill out the inquiry form we'll send you an invitation for a 30min chat with us about your desires, concerns and address any questions you may have regarding your VIP Day Intensive.

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Packages start at $5000


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