Thank you Linda for creating a space for working moms!



A podcast devoted to helping mompreneurs thrive!


Jenny P.

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Linda Mendible

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Thank you Linda for creating a space for working moms!


I just love audible binge-able content don't you? I started the podcast because I've always had powerful insightful conversations that I thought needed to be shared!

We all have experiences and perspectives that are powerful and life-changing. I hope that the show allows you to gain clarity in the direction of your dreams. Whether it's to be a stay at home mama or one day embark on your biggest business endeavors I'm here rooting for you! We all are!

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hi loves!

I’m Linda Mendible



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One of the reasons why Monetizing Mompreneurs exists is because of collaborations! In today’s episode, I share the lead magnet strategy I was using in the beginning and how that led to collaborations. Listen in as I share the secret sauce to what I call volume-based marketing and the revolving door strategy.  Resources Mentioned: Join […]

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Hiring people for your business can be tricky, so in today’s episode, I share my experience with hiring help, my successes and failures, and I share some tips to keep in mind when you get to that point in your business or if you’re thinking about hiring. Hiring help comes down to this:  Resources Mentioned: […]

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Welcome back; last week, I shared part one of what I wish I knew about business – if you haven’t listened to it, I recommend you listen to part one first! Because today is part two of what I wish I knew about business mini-series. Listen in as I share these ‘Wish I Knew’ gems: […]

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In my last solo episode, I shared about knowing your why and setting your goals. I’ve had a few listeners reach out with questions about starting their business so today is part one of what I wish I knew. In the beginning, I didn’t know I needed a budget or strategies to have certain things […]

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Did you miss our Facebook Group Live take cover? Well, in today’s episode, you’ll get to hear from our guest teacher, Alexys Robbs. She is going to teach us how to unify our brand in five days.  Listen in as Alexys talks about her five-day branding challenge, which will help you make sure your core […]

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In today’s episode, I talk about the importance of being clear about why and how you want your business to look. By understanding your why, you’ll be able to share your message with your audience, and they will know who you serve and how. By knowing how you want your business to look, you’ll know […]

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