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Meet Lara Casey Isaacson!

Hello Love! Welcome to a whole new season, adventure and new beginnings. Each Tuesday I hope to bring an inspirational interview of getting to know our Podcast Guests first hand, this week's Episode is truly inspirational and incredible. I was so blessed to sit down with this lovely Lady you are about to meet today. The Podcast airs this Friday so don't miss out and subscribe to the email list as well as the Podcast! Either...

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Episode 1: The Hero’s Journey | The Linda Mendible Show Intro with Ellyn

Hello Love! In this episode, I sit down with Ellyn, my intern and also Andy, who is my bubbly 8month old. We discuss a few of the guests that we have lined up on the show including questions asked by peers via FB. We also talk about Marketing, Ted Talks episode on the hero's Journey as well as our future workshop we will be having! I am so excited this was a project of a lot of...

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Podcasting – Unboxing my Mic! | Week 2

Hello Love, I am so excited to bring to you this unboxing, it's one of my firsts of many I hope! Starting a Podcast is no faci (not easy) my friends. It's a work in progress, but as I said in Week 1 - Starting a Podcast, it's about starting even when we don't feel ready, just go for it. I've never been on radio, or pursued a career in communications or even dreamed I'd be here starting...

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We’re Back! | Recap Blue Tusk Casting Call

Hello Love, Welcome! We're back!! Sharing our Casting Call recap, and working hard behind the scenes. I just want to give you a BIG thank you for being here. Thank you!   A few months back we hosted a casting call in Cary, Nc and it went amazing! I can't believe just how many people showed up and the amazing talent and models that came. By the way, they have joined our email newsletter that we send out from time...

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