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HELLO EVERYONE! In this episode, I speak with Christina Martinez on her efforts to create her own group for women to be a part of, so that they can take a moment to pause in their everyday lives. Growing Up Gorgeous offers a safe space for women to convene, vent, and support each other! Join […]


Hello, Love! Next week, you’ll hear a great interview with Christina about getting started, staying true to God’s call on your life and just so much goodness! Today, I wanted to drop a minisode about what God has been laying on my heart to share. Christina Acosta-Martinez is a wife and mama first. She is […]


I’m Ashley! I am a wife and mamma to one perfect little boy. Past 9-5 worker, now an entrepreneur teaching women and mommas how to be able to stay home (some with their babies) while bring in a killer income. I’ve spend years working with NWM companies doing the WRONG things. I spend years sitting […]


At the age of 27, Lisa faced the realization that she might only have a year or two left to live. Since then, her life has entirely changed. She was lucky: she didn’t have cancer. But she did realize this: She was waiting for someone to tell her that she was going to die before […]


TODAY LIVE AT 1:30PM IN MONETIZING MOMPRENEURS FB GROUP! Born in Detroit, MI, I now live in St. Louis, MO with my perfect-for-me husband and two rambunctious kids who have without a doubt both added and taken away countless years of my life. By day I’m a jack-of-all trades for a growing healthcare startup. When […]


Today LIVE at 1:30pm In Monetizing Mompreneurs FB Group! Christy Laverty is a media expert who helps entrepreneurs learn to get visible in a big way by amplifying their brands and businesses with media coverage! Christy uses everything she learned while working in some of Canada’s biggest broadcast newsrooms as a writer, producer, and editor […]


Hello Love, Today we kick off something that I believe has never been done before. When I began my journey as a mompreneur, it was difficult, hard and since I was a stay at home mom it was isolating. I would travel to coffee shops praying for connection. Someone to see my struggle or someone […]


Hello Love, Did you know, that the reason I call you Love is that it’s short for Beloved? Just a fun fact for you. You’re Welcome, I know that alone has made your day. *smiley face emoji with a hand pointing back at cha This quarter is closing up and I didn’t want to leave […]


Welcome to The Linda Mendible Show where we host amazing interviews each month. HELLO Loves! In this episode, I speak with Allison Hardy on her journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur! She gives us some awesome tips to consider when starting your own business along with a few key strategies in nurturing the relationship between you and your client. Join me with […]


Hello Love, Allison is a self-care business coach who helps mompreneurs raise their babies and businesses simultaneously through developing thriving self-care acts. Check out her Ultimate Mompreneur Checklist, daily to-do action items that you need to be doing every single day to move you, and your business, forward. Do you have a nickname? No How old […]



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I'm a wife, mom of 3 and to be honest I really just enjoy being creative & creating content. I love spending time designing,  creating systems and strategies that help you get seen & heard.

I'm on a mission to help women become more visible, have more uninterrupted time with their families and loved ones with less stress, by doing what they Love in a way that seems too good to be true. I'm here to help you with the right mindset and framework, that makes things easy and effortless, will you join me?

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