Behind the Scenes of our Social Media Mastermind

I always love showing the behind-the-scenes, I always love going live in our groups, and the initiative is always for collaborations, getting together, and putting our minds together. So, for today’s episode, you’re going to hear one of our insiders circle Mastermind. This Mastermind is about social media, and it was led by Kausar & Doucky. 

Listen in and learn about these topics: 

  • What’s a good strategy for using your personal Facebook page for business?
  • How MissingLettr can help you market evergreen content with 12 months of campaigns for one piece of content. 
  • How do you show up for your business when you don’t feel like it?
  • Great hooks for Instagram

About Guests: 

Doucky: In my 20s, I suffered from a gastric illness that couldn’t be diagnosed — I overcame it by eating real whole foods and shedding 35 lbs with BFF method. Inspired by my own wellness journey, I now specialize in Habit Formation. I develop nutritious recipes for the entire family. Instead of pushing diets, I teach our clients to control their portions and form healthy habits that will become a way of life. My mission is to help women in their 40s feel and look confident and sexy. My dream is to teach women to use nutrition in their households so the next generation can be free from diet culture.

Kausar: In my early 30s, after my son was born, I overcame a binge eating disorder and lost 40 lbs with BFF method. I now concentrate on Macros Coaching. I teach my clients how to track their calories effectively and efficiently to see a weekly drop in weight. My mission is to help fellow moms overcome their fears and know they can be the size and shape that they want to be in their 30s — and beyond.

Alexis: Alexys Robbs is a wife, mom, and business owner who is passionate about helping small business owners and solopreneurs create branding that resonates with their ideal clients. Balance Branding was founded by her during the pandemic in 2020, but she has been supporting small businesses for over a decade. As a forever student, Alexys loves to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies that can bring balance to the lives of busy business owners.

Alexys specializes in VIP days, where she works one-on-one with clients to help them achieve serious results in their business branding. She knows the confidence-boosting power of one transformative day and how that can help set the tone for her clients’ next stage in their business journeys. Her goal is to help her clients show up as the experts in their field, and she works tirelessly to ensure that their branding truly represents who they are and what they stand for.

If you are a small business owner or solopreneur looking to take your branding to the next level, Alexys is here to help you smash that goal. Connect with her now to bring balance to your business and your life.

Martha: Martha is committed to empowering busy professionals to transform & keep their health into their golden years.  After spending over 30 years as a consumer striving to make better health for herself and her family, she packaged a process that helps the busy on the go person transform their health with a program that is geared toward making personalized choices about one’s lifestyle. 

Martha’s certifications as a practitioner are in Nutritional Endocrinology, Insulin Resistance and Digestive Health from INE.  

Martha enjoys karate (2nd degree black belt in advanced martial arts), using herbs, and is a writer and speaker.  Her 5 grandchildren call her “Grambo”!

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