Day 7: Giving up the Old for the New

Hello Love,


Today we’re gleaning off the story of Ruth. A story of loyalty, loss, bravery and love.
Ruth was a woman who had lost everything and instead of going back to the life she knew, she went on loyally to follow her mother-in-law Naomi.

She made a commitment and followed through, without any provocation that her needs would be met or her life would be extraordinary. She went on in obedience to a life she did not know in a place she did not know.


How many of you know that life can take us through twists and turns? Are you committed to your calling to your dream despite of what you may go through in order to get there? Are you willing to trust God into the unknown?


Ruth and Naomi later arrived in Bethlehem, where Ruth began to pick up leftover grain left behind, freelancing mind you, and little did she know she found her future there. That very field was the field owned by Boaz, who while seeing her work in the field asked “Who does that young woman belong to?” She gained favor from the owner of that field.


When you’re obedient, working with what you are given you never know the attention or the favor that God may grant you.


Are you working with diligent hands?


Boaz later became the husband of Ruth, where Ruth also inherited not just a wonderful life, but she is part of the genealogy of Jesus.

Now that my friends is a faithful God.


Are you willing?


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Consider the path that God has laid before you. It may not look what you thought it should or you may be facing uncertainty.
Be committed to God’s call on your life trusting God and trusting in the commitments He’s lead you towards and the ones you have already made.

Honor God and He will honor you.

Write That ONE dream, that one calling.
Write out the work you need to do in order to move forward on that call.



What is God calling you to do? Using the Hashtag #30DaysofGraceChallenge write your own personal story on this call on your life? Have a testimony? Share it!


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