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Day 11: What are you wrestling with?

Hello Love,   Today we wrestle with the story of Jacob. Jacob was born a twin and was born holding the heel of his older twin Esau. Esau was the favorite of his father while Jacob was favored by his mother. Jacob also tricked Esau into giving him his birthright over a pot of stew. Then the day came that their father was to give the blessing of the first born. Listening to his mother, yet again, Jacob tricked his...

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Day 10: The power of your Testimony

Hello Love,   All throughout the bible, we can vividly depict the awesomeness of the God we serve. Through testimonies and stories, scattered about in the bible. From the beginning of time till the Resurrection and all throughout the life of Jesus.   There is never been a more opportune time for your gifts and talents to be showcased and shared. To be celebrated and lived. This time right now, was created for you, what you do with it...

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Day 9: Are you a Doer?

Hello Love,   Today we go into the story within a story… This is the story of Eli. Eli and his family were priests in those time. Eli had been given a warning from God. God did not take lightly that they were cheating the people out of the sacrifices. In those time, blood was shed in the form of an unblemished lamb, sheep, or a certain animal to atone for the sins of the people. This is also...

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Day 8: It looks one way, but it’s another

Hello Love,   Today we travel along with Abraham. Abraham and Sara were very old when God had promised them a heart felt desire to have a child. Once that child arrived with great faith and trials Abraham didn’t know that his faith would be tested once more.   Sometimes God tests us to see our hearts. Are we committed to the right causes? Are we putting Him first despite what blessings are around us?   Abraham was asked the unthinkable....

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Day 7: Giving up the Old for the New

Hello Love,   Today we're gleaning off the story of Ruth. A story of loyalty, loss, bravery and love. Ruth was a woman who had lost everything and instead of going back to the life she knew, she went on loyally to follow her mother-in-law Naomi. She made a commitment and followed through, without any provocation that her needs would be met or her life would be extraordinary. She went on in obedience to a life she did not...

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