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Hello Love! Last week was my 38th Birthday! I do not feel this age at all! I know it’s crazy, but the older I get the more I’m focused on my health. This year we have so much planned out from our Summits that I’m really excited but I also know that I need my […]


Health activist, Amber Robinson is not your typical health nut. She’s an independent health consultant, wife, crunchy mom to a beautiful baby girl and truly comes up with amazing Organic Recipes, health, beauty tips and on top of it all she’s a student of Natural Healing! With a degree in Culinary Arts she’s definitely one […]


Hola Love! Lately I’ve been really diving into this health kick that I’ve started this New Year in and I’ve been making these delicious concoctions that they’re just too Good not to share! There’s The… Note: Each recipe requires a 1/2 gallon – 1 gallon of water ( I use cold/room temperature water) Blue Berry […]


So last week I posted how I lost 18lbs! You can add one more pound to that, now it’s a total of 19lbs and counting! I know for some it’s like, wha? 1 pound that’s nothing! Honestly when you’ve been trying all you can for the numbers to move down and instead they go up, […]

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