My Top 3 Go to Juices

Hello Love!

Last week was my 38th Birthday! I do not feel this age at all!

I know it’s crazy, but the older I get the more I’m focused on my health. This year we have so much planned out from our Summits that I’m really excited but I also know that I need my health in order to accomplish what I need to.

So I’m going to get right to it! I have doubled down on the supplements I’m taking, especially because I’ve gained more than I’d like to admit. But for me it’s more than looking good, it’s about feeling good, about having more energy and being able to go further. And to be honest I hope I can influence you to take your health more seriously.

The supplements that have taken me a long time to finally start taking consistently are: Collagen, Magnesium (I use the calm brand), Inositol, and liquid chlorophyll.

I also don’t do any lotions other than coconut oil and I use both coconut oil & castor oil for my face. If you’d like to know more about that and why I’ll post my skin journey in the future.

I’ve always been into juicing, and what’s great is, I get to take my littles on the journey with me. More recently, I’m taking note of how I feel when I eat certain foods. I also am seeing how amazing my kids’ relationship to food is. I was very intentional in making sure they ate greens, salads and also drank the homemade juices I made that they now love.

If you have a picky eater, don’t give up in introducing foods that you’d like them to eat. That’s what I did, even if they didn’t eat it from their plate, I still served them the foods I wanted them to love. My kids eat pretty much anything and would try any vegetable. We got here by being intentional in always introducing them to foods that perhaps had “an acquired” taste for toddlers. I’m talking about Rice, Beans, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Yuka, Plantains, Lettuce, Onions, Carrots, Celery etc. But they do not like Tomatoes lol. So I don’t fight them on that one. Pick your battles I say.

I’m personally trying to eat clean but with the luxury that I can pretty much eat whatever I want. I don’t want to restrict myself and I feel like I’m doing more of eating an intuitive approach when it comes to eating and going with my intuition when it comes to hunger. I stop and ask myself, what do I truly want to eat, and how would I feel if I ate so an so. It brings more accountability and awareness of what I’m putting into more body.

Health is not just what we eat but also how much we move, so I’ve definitely been working out a bit more at the gym. I used to run and I just don’t like running around a neighborhood. I love running at a park, but where I’m at, I’m still new to the area so I haven’t found a park I like yet.

For Juicing, I currently use the nutribullet and I used to have a hamilton. I like the nutribullet better than the hamilton.

Juice 1: For Taste

I would say to the above ingredients, if you like more of a sweet juice, add papaya. I do not like eating papaya but it gives such a wonderful taste in juices and smoothies especially smoothies. The only thing if you don’t have a top juicer you will have a lot of froth with it. But don’t let that discourage you from trying it! I usually use a strainer when juicing large quantities with papaya.

Juice 2: The Cleanse

Beet Careful with this one (pun intended) It can stain. Also you may see red in when going to the bathroom, it’s from the beets, you are fine and not dying. I remember when this one particular juice scared be because I absolutely love beet juice. So just be aware.

Usually just beets will have you going to the bathroom in no time.

Juice 3: This is the ‘Beat the Cold/Flu’ Shot/Juice and my fav!

I use this one when we’re feeling a bit under the weather or feel like a cold maybe coming on. It will kick out some phlegm out of you so be cautious and it’s definitely spicy. Be careful because the turmeric juice like the beet juice can stain.

What I’m currently reading…

P.S. Please don’t judge my nails, they are still in progress I got the dip and it totally messed them up. I regret getting the dip as I don’t do gel polish because it just makes my nails ridiculously brittle. I got them back healthy and then made the mistake to get the dip over holiday break.

Let me know what juices you’ve liked or if you’re going to try some of the ones I’ve mentioned!?


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