How to get that body Toned!

So last week I posted how I lost 18lbs! You can add one more pound to that, now it’s a total of 19lbs and counting!

I know for some it’s like, wha? 1 pound that’s nothing! Honestly when you’ve been trying all you can for the numbers to move down and instead they go up, yup this one’s a victory hun.

Linda Mendible Modeling

This was me when I dabbled a lil in modeling! Haha

I just wanted to add, I’m not a professional dietitian, weight loss coach or what have you, I just know what works for me and my body.

Everyone has a different body that responds differently to different foods and different diets.

When it comes to getting toned every body type is different and everyone is different, there’s people who have AMAZING muscle tone, they do 1 push up and they get ripped arms, abs and it looks like they run marathons for a living, off of just that 1 push up!

Then there’s the ones, like me, who have to work hard for that lil cut.

Walter Cabral Back muscles how to train

This is My brother, I’m so proud of him, he is a physical trainer, like a super hard core one seriously! Sometimes I think he should help stars & athletes. Bro!

Ok, anyways so my brother, the physical trainer, told me what he does is work out a certain body group at a time (upper body, lower body)

Why? (I’m a why person, I always need to know why or if not I dont remember the information, as much.) You want your nutrient filled blood cells to stay in those concentrated areas, verses working your whole body and your blood having to travel all over your body and supply it all at once.

When you target a muscle group your blood rushes to those areas that you are working out, it’s a lot better for your blood to be focused in one area at a time.

For example, you would have leg day, or you would have chest and back day, etc. There’s a certain way to exercise to target each muscle group.

Work outs you can do everyday include: Running, and anything that works out and targets the abs.

Arms, Legs, Chest & Back, however, should be targeted in each muscle group, and you should have at least 1-2 days rest after working such muscle groups. You don’t want to hurt yourself especially if your lifting weights doing cardio, etc.


The reason why you would see those “gym rats” (people who dedicate 4-8hours at the gym daily) drinking massive amounts of water, protein shakes, etc. is because 1, they want to shed the toxins out their body quickly and 2, Protein allows you to recover quickly.

Not as much body aches as if you were not to drink a protein shake.

It’s true and I’ve done it before and I have tested it out, if I was to work out, lets say legs and I do a bunch of squats and I don’t drink a protein shake within 30min post work out, oh I will be feeling it the next day! Vs. semi feeling it if I drank the shake in the first place.

FYI: Currently I am not drinking any protein shakes because I am nursing. But I do eat protein bars, yum!

When you start working out it is the same as your eating habits, this is not a temporary thing its going to be a lifestyle change!


Here Consistency is King, or Queen. Consistency is truly what gets you toned. Hard work and Consistency. Then you shall reap the rewards my friend!

If you are a beginner I’d recommend adding push-ups and sit-ups to your routine workouts. Push-ups are full body exercises but doing a set in between sets wouldn’t hurt.

Sit-ups will definitely work out your lower body so know when you’re doing leg day and you add sit-ups, drink a protein shake is all I can tell you!

During the week you should have a rest day, where you allow your body to recover and you don’t do any reps, or  sets. I hope this helped!

How do you find yourself exercising and what exercises would you recommend?

Until Next Time, Ciao!



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