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Pampered at the Dry Parlor Bar

Hello Loves! Currently, I am deep, deep, deep in mamahood. Which is such a blessing! We are so happy and in love with our baby girl, we can't even express just how beautiful and how she just fills each one of our hearts with joy. Today, I wanted to take you all back to when I first found out I was pregnant with our 3rd beautiful child. Baby Adri! I had just come out of an amazing year,...

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Andres’s mini Birth Story | 3 Secrets to a Different Perspective


Hello Loves,

This week our newest edition to the Mendible family turns 1 month and today his big brother Emanuel turns 3! THREE!

1 month of 2 babies, 1 month of newness, 1 month of in the thick of it.

It honestly took me 2 weeks to get over Andres’s birth.

People looked at the pictures of me holding my new arrival and would say, I didn’t even look like I had given birth.