Gender Reveal Party! It’s a…

Hello Loves!

April we had an amazing celebration of finding out the gender for our soon to be 2nd child of ours. Since this was the last baby we are planning on having, I really wanted to do something special and opted to go for a gender reveal party!

Where none of us knew but the baker!

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (8)
Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (9)
Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (10)
Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (7)

It was exciting to say the least!! I was also blown away how many of my friends had also been anticipating and it made it that much more special to me. Thank you guys ♥.

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (13)

For The Details

For decor I pretty much spent around $40-$50 dollars on the decorations. I didn’t go cray-cray with sweets or pasteries, as I did in Emanuel’s Car themed Birthday which you can find here.

I made pretty much everything by hand and one of my trusty sewing machines (I have like 3, don’t judge me…hehe).

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (5)

The Wreath

I bought the wreath itself at the dollar tree, for, you guessed it $1. Then I also bought construction paper and these clothes hangers with crepe paper. I had extra ribbon and pink Twine on deck, so you know I used it in this creation.

Wreath Total $4.

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (2)
Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (3)
Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (4)


The Wall Decor – Boy or Girl Banner & Tissue Tassels, Yellow Banner & Pom Poms.

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (8)

The Boy or Girl Banner is my favorite piece in this whole decor. I didn’t really measure anything and I knew that 1 pack, which was like $1 buck, of construction paper would do the trick and would be more than enough for this banner. I was able to cut out 6 triangles for each sheet. I choose the construction paper one that had assorted colors.  I choose white crepe paper that you can find in any party store, and at the dollar tree you can get 2 rolls for $1. This was machined stitched.

Boy or Girl Banner Total: $2


The paper tassels were such a blast to make! I’ve always wanted to make them and found this cool video via YouTube. Maybe one day I’ll do my own video on how to make these white tassels because I did modify it a bit. I had a stash of white tissue paper so I didn’t need to purchase any extra but I’d say you can make these with 1-2 bundles of the tissue paper you can find at the dollar tree. I used a tiny width of ribbon that I also had on stash but that you can find at the baby section at the Dollar Tree.

Paper Tassel Total: $0 (would cost you from scratch $3)


The Yellow Banner: Was simple, I just wanted something extra a just in case I need to add more decor element. I used the yellow from what I had from my construction paper, which had about 4 sheets of each color. I added the crepe paper via machine stitched and wa-la.

Yellow Banner Total: $0 (would cost you from scratch $2)


Tissue Pom Poms, I don’t know a great party decor without some tissue pom poms unless you replace them with flowers, #swoon.

I pretty much bought around $3 worth of tissue bundles, aka 3 bundles. Tied them in the center with string.

Tissue Pom Pom Total: $3

The Table with Chalk Details

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (9)

The Chalk Boards are from my stash of goodies, let me tell you! I need to organize my office/Diy/Guest room space! If you have any tips on how to organize a DIYer’s space please share the link in the comments! I will DEFINITELY read them!!! And also add the reveal to that room once it’s done because it’s going to be mine for a bit! Until I get an office outside of the home, pray for me.

Back to the Chalk Boards, all I did was create little triangles from what was left over on what I had already cut out, I was blessed enough that the clothing hangers where about the same shade of wood as the chalk boards which really made it all come together. Why clothing hangers? I dunno I just thought it might look cool. 🙂

I also used my chalk pen which you can find at any craft store. I doubt you can find that gem at a dollar tree.

Chalk Board Total $0

Other Expenses

Flowers I spent about $6 dollars at the dollar tree because I bought 1 pink lily and 1 violetish blueish flowers along with 2 greenery to add to them along with two bottles that were super cute. I also got a great bouquet at one of my fav shopping places, costco (don’t judge me, I love their pizza and that’s why I love them. I’m still pregnant it could be the hormones talking!) The Bouquet was around 14.99, but soooooo worth it in my eyes because…

I am a lover of flowers you can say addict. It’s a luxury expense for me but I sooo love them.

Flowers total $30.99

Table Cover $1.00

Balloons – I bought more than 2 but since two is what we can see let’s just go with that 😛

Balloon Total: $2

Hula Skirt which you can see behind the table as wall decor! I think it looks AWESOME! ♥ I got two but only put one up on this side of the decor. So let’s just say…

Hula Skirt Total $1

Ultra Sound Frame

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (19)

I thought it would be super adorbs to add some banner action in the ultrasound and decided to frame it up and I will be hanging this in our living room soon. I’m still in the process of building a gallery wall. I wouldn’t say this was any expense because everything came from my stash and remains of what was already purchased and made but if you were to recreate this it’d be…

Ultra Sound Frame Total: $0 (From scratch $3)


It’s A

Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (14)Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (15)Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (18)Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (19)Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (20)


Linda_Mendible_Gender_Reveal (17)

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have any questions comments or organization tips for a diyer please place them in the comments!! Yay!



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