Emanuel’s Cars Themed Birthday! The Details

Hello Love,

Emanuel’s Cars Themed Birthday Party was a hit! I was so happy with how everything came out and SO glad I made a Pinterest Board just for my lil guy. I found some great ideas which I did my own little spin off.

Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (4)

Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (17) Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (2)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (3)Emanuel's Cars Theme (2)Emanuel's Cars Theme Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (9)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (8)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (11)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (7)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (12)Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (13)Emanuel's Cars theme birthday

The Hubs, lil guy &I live in a small apartment so having a birthday party at our space was a no-go. Thankfully Eman’s birthday doesn’t fall on a super cold day and the weather is just right that we can celebrate out doors which is great! We love renting out the Screened Porch at Bond Park over here in North Kakalaki.

Here is the space before the decor…


Before & After Emanuel's Car themed birthday (1) Before & After Emanuel's Car themed birthday (2)

For the details…

I used amazing Free Print-ables so thankful for them!

The Cars Food labels Print I used with one of the Happy Birthday Banner templates & added some bamboo sticks to really give it some flare.


  • Brownies – I used M&M’s to represent stop lights inspired via pinterest
  • Powdered Donuts – For Lugi’s tower of donuts, you can use chocolate donuts I just prefer the powdered donuts and these are Lugi’s white wall tires :)~
  • Cupcakes – I had no idea how to interpret Suzy’s Cozy cones, I decided that cupcakes were a good fit and DELICIOUS  -red velvet are my favs. They were coned shaped if that counts?
  • For Mater’s Dipsticks – you’ll find chocolate covered pretzels to be your best bet I just used chocolate cupcakes
  • Popcorn! – Cars is a movie after all! Plus I found these cute popcorn cups at the dollar store and loved the colors!
  • Drinks – Cups & Straw – I decided to just label this area as Filmore’s organic fuel ^_^ Just FYI I found A.C. Moore had a reasonable price on straws. Straws can be expensive.
  • Chic-fil-A Chicken strips
  • Chips and Salsa because, you know, how can you go wrong with this!



The Happy Birthday Banner was so easy I just cut out the printables used some construction paper, baker’s twine a bit of tape and my staple to attach each letter. I didn’t want to sew and glue can be messy.



I made the Route 66  with Checkered Pattern flag and just attached a stick with some transparent tape.



For the background banner I also used Checkered Pattern for the banner and finished it out with crepe paper, my sewing machine and some construction paper. Topped off with some red & white balloons. I LOVED how it turned out!


KID GAMES – Chalk Boards/WaterColors

One of my biggest focus was for our babies, I honestly was stumped on what I can do for them or what would be unique and interactive for them. I decided to pull everything together with these amazing Chalk boards that I had on stock and thought water colors would be soooo fun! I used these cute ninja vests from the dollar tree (and they were the perfect colors!) cut out these cute VIP Pass name tags glued them on with some spray adhesive and placed a car sticker just for kicks. These turned out better than aprons. I also used white construction paper for the water color fun, it’s stronger and holds the watercolors better. Thankfully I also had stencils in my crafters stash.


READY, SET, GO! Chalkboards

For the Ready, Set, Go chalkboards I just added these mini checkered pattern from the top of the Vip Pass name tags paper with some spray adhesive. It came out awesome. I didn’t use your standard chalk to write out the letters, I went with a chalk pen where you can easily find at any craft store.

I set up the Ready table as the kids spot for some cute interactive games. I also gave them away as party gifts which was so awesome! (I over heard that these were the best party gifts EVER!)

The Set table, was where everyone ate their yummy snacks and the Go table I set up as the cake and snacks display.

Emanuel's Cars Themed Birthday (21)

I had a great time with Eman HE LOVED the water colors and we still play with them for our Arts & Crafts days!

Hope you got inspired and I especially hope I helped out on your own Cars themed project for the kiddos! You can also check out my mini Recap Here.



  1. Fidelina Cabral says:

    Awesome Blog Linda!! You nailed it this week, didn’t know birthday planning could be so easy, yet look spectacular!

  2. Fidelina Cabral says:

    Awesome Blog Linda!! You nailed it this week, didn’t know birthday planning could be so easy, yet look spectacular!

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