Blanket Stitch | Crib Wrap

Crib Bumpers (3)

Crib Bumpers (4)

Crib Bumpers (5)

Crib Bumpers (6)

Crib Bumpers (7)

Crib Bumpers (8)

Crib Bumpers (9)

Crib Bumpers (10)

Hello Love,

This was such a fun project! I adorn just your standard crib wrap with a strip of minky fabric and a touch of felt. I hand stitched it on, considering the back of it was not ideal for sewing with a machine. I used a blanket stitch which I ADORE!

I used a fairly large needle hand sewing needle and doubled the thread, just to give it some thickness. You can find them at your local craft store or even a dollar store!

I love items that have a hand touch feel and this definitely has it. The imperfectness of it makes it so special and perfect. The blanket stitch is actually one of my favorite stitches and I was so glad I got to use it here. It’s the perfect and easy stitch to adorn any handmade project.

I hope this project inspires you to get a little crafty in your day.



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