Wish I knew as a Freelancer | 4 Tips on How to be a Leader

In the beginning of my journey I learned so many valuable and important lessons that really would of saved me a whole lot of heartache if I knew the following head on. You need to…

1.Become a ROCK  DIAMOND

I’ve done the research love, I’ve hit the books, hit the internet and tested out all that I am about to tell you. I’ve put away the attributes that were hindering me from reaching my full potential, I faced my fears and I’m ready for the next level that I know is coming.


I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned that you won’t find on videos, that you wont find in books and it’s my perspective and my assessment on what makes a GOOD and SUCCESSFUL business.

What’s going to take you to the TOP.

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (4)First of all, I want you to know that if you are not careful you will crumble. The pressure is real, the struggle is soooo real and no matter how much you shine you will CRY, you will get FRUSTRATED and you will get ANGRY and probably go through all the stages of grief…like on the real.

But don’t worry Love, that’s why I’m here, to help you overcome these challenges like a CHAMPION.

You’re a LEADER.

EMBRACE that. It’s what you are. It’s who you are. The longer you live in doubt of this fact, the longer you will dwell in the desert of “self sabotage“.

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (6)

People are going to look up to you, people are going to ask you for help, information and people are going to judge you. It’s all apart of life, but when it comes to business if you’re not a rock DIAMOND. You’re going to break.



I’m extremely blessed that God is my foundation. That’s how I built my business that’s how I’ve built my relationships and that’s how I’ve built my life.

Now to the ones that exclude God out of their decisions that’s on you, but I’m telling you what I’ve learned, what works and what doesn’t. Everything in life & business is laid out in the Bible.

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (3)

Seriously, side note: I can give you tons of content of TOP business leaders and how they run their businesses and I can give you legit SCRIPTURE to back up what they are doing and why it’s successful because GOD laid down the LAW and there are rules to follow in both life and business. These business leaders understand the importance of “spirituality”, “giving”, etc.


HABAKKUK 2:2 Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.


When ever you are building something if you do not write out your “instructions” your “vision” You’re setting yourself up for self sabotage, heartache, pain and others taking advantage of YOU.

Because you didn’t set your priorities you didn’t set what your services are and you didn’t set what you do and do not offer. Now mind you, this “vision” is going to change as your business grows and somethings only experience is going to teach you. Sorry Love but I’m keeping it 100 with you.

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (2)


My priorities are as follows:

GOD, Me, Husband, Baby, Coffee and everything else.

The reason I have myself as second is because, if I do not take care of myself I can not take care of others let alone a household.

I love to work out, Running is my favorite thing to do. It clears my mind it allows me to get my frustrations out when it just comes to life and I get a peace when I run at a park or somewhere with a scenery. I LOVE Running. (When I’m not preggers.)

Make sure you find out what is your Stress Reliever aside from spending time with GOD. Running is mine.

—- Those are my PRIORITIES and YES, in that order. —-

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (5)How to FIND your Values & Priorities:

Ask yourself: Will the success be worth it if you LOSE BLANK things, people in your life,etc?

To me, no, losing my relationship with GOD, My self or my family is NOT worth it!

There. Now that you’ve found what you wouldn’t sellout for, it’s time to govern from a state of authority and taking care of what means the most to you in this lifetime.


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After you’ve set your priorities keeping YOU sane, Keeping yourself at PEACE (because in business you serve others and when you serve others you have to be a ROCK DIAMOND)

I’m not going to give you the usual stuff they shove down your throat such as, have a tough skin and know who you are.

I’m going to be real. How are diamonds made?

First they start off as a coal right (although science debates this but this is not a science class)? Then years and millenniums of pressure you get diamonds.

Right? Right!

So what you need to learn first is how to be YOU right where you are at. Not to know…TO BE!

Start living the life you want to live NOW. Start implementing the things you’d like to do NOW!

Start THINKING the way you want to THINK NOW.

Are you catching on? It’s about the NOW.

The NOW holds the pressure that Diamonds are formed.

Right Now you are a Leader, Right now you are a DIAMOND. Ok.


If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing now?

I believe we give ourselves too many excuses on what is preventing us from living the life we want and a great illusion is that MONEY will have us living the life we want.

No LOVE, money will give you the stuff you want, help you get the physical stuff you need to live and function. But the health of your SOUL is all up to you and what you are feeding your SPIRIT man.

Happiness is deeper than the physical. Remember that on this journey. BE HAPPY NOW.


You have to understand you are MORE than the PHYSICAL! Ok? OK!

Wish_I_Knew_As_A_Freelancer_How_To_Be_A_Leader (8)


Recently, I read an excellent article from an amazing blogger I follow, which is the truth and really what I wish I knew starting on this Journey.

Get your thoughts about money right, respect it but don’t set it up as your Joy, your Life or your well-being. Money is money and I quote:

We need to learn to treat money with care and respect. I don’t believe it should be worshiped, ever… but it can either be used as a tool or as a weapon. We need to respect it for what it is and what it can do… and we need to be smart with it.

Think about things we treat with care and respect… our friends, our spouses, our families, etc. We don’t throw them around. We don’t abuse them. We don’t take them for granted. Etc. It’s the same with money. It shouldn’t be abused. It shouldn’t be thrown around. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should be spent wisely and carefully. The moment we drift into a pattern of treating it like it’s nothing is the moment we open ourselves up to getting into bad financial habits.

StillBeingMolly.com | Money

4-tips-on-how-to-be-a-leaderWhat do you wish you knew when first starting on your journey as a freelancer or entrepreneur? Write it down in the comments!


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