Waiting on God…

Hello Love,

Did you know, that the reason I call you Love is that it’s short for Beloved? Just a fun fact for you. You’re Welcome, I know that alone has made your day. *smiley face emoji with a hand pointing back at cha

This quarter is closing up and I didn’t want to leave you hanging as I’m currently working on various projects including taking care of my family. Baby Adri is super adorbs! Gahhhhaa

In the start of last year, I was so full of fear and an unknowing of the future with so much looming over my shoulders, I’ve finally let go.

I’m learning that God allows us to go through certain things in order to teach or show us something. He’s shown me that it’s about our hearts. The way we would know the condition of our hearts is by examing them by the fruits of the spirits (Love, peace, Joy, longsuffering, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, self-control etc. Gal 5:22-23) and the way we develop these fruits is by what we plant in our own hearts when it comes to situations we find ourselves in, how we are towards people or things. Always believing the best is key. That’s why God says to guard our hearts above all else. I believe this also touches on what Jesus says about the Kingdom of God.

I finally let go of the “what could go wrong” stage of my life, have you ever been there? And I am extremely grateful beyond measure for everything God has blessed our lives with. I’m embracing each day as it comes. He is stretching me, opening my eyes to His goodness and learning how to listen and how to ask.

So, Love, I’m waiting on God for His direction. As I learn to be a good steward over my time and resources. This is currently where I’m at. Just in a place of deep self-reflection, being still and being quick to listen, as things unfold in front of me. I have learned sooooo many lessons some heart wrenching some exciting all sooo good.

I don’t ever want this blog/podcast to feel as though it is something that I need to strain to get out or feel unnecessary pressures towards. I’m so thankful for you. Thank you for giving me grace and being so loving towards me whether it’s when you respond here or comment on social media. Thank you for making me feel as though God has not only given me grace but also you. I know God is working on something amazing and I’m waiting on God…

Thank you, Love.


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