4 things every successful entrepreneur does everyday!

Hello Love,

Today we kick off something that I believe has never been done before. When I began my journey as a mompreneur, it was difficult, hard and since I was a stay at home mom it was isolating.

I would travel to coffee shops praying for connection. Someone to see my struggle or someone to befriend or talk to.

I wanted it so much, I dreamt of ways to connect women in business with children and littles. I even got together with one of my good friends and we ALMOST launched our own coffee shop!

Sadly, it never got off the ground or past the logo design.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being a MOM and an entrepreneur? Well it’s something that words can’t describe. Is there another word for hard?

Oh yea, childbirth.

4 things every successful entrepreneur does every day! Live in our FB group Monetizing Mompreneurs

Bonnie L Frank is a former teacher and college professor, turned entrepreneur, who started her online coaching and consulting business from scratch at 49. She has produced over four thousand livestream broadcasts and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to become visible online. Bonnie’s highly effective and proven social media and marketing strategies are now also available on her podcast, Business Fabulous.

Find Bonnie: https://www.bonnielfrank.com/

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4 things every successful entrepreneur does every day! Live in our FB group Monetizing Mompreneurs


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