Episode 6: How Allison Became a Mompreneur

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HELLO Loves!

In this episode, I speak with Allison Hardy on her journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur! She gives us some awesome tips to consider when starting your own business along with a few key strategies in nurturing the relationship between you and your client. Join me with Allison as she shares with us some words of wisdom…

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss in the show:

  • Getting laid off and redefining yourself 
  • How Allison found her passion
  • Figuring out what excites you and going with it!
  • Becoming a business coach
  • Time management and scheduling 
  • Being your own biggest fan 
  • Creating a Facebook group and being active daily 
  • Facebook ads are a great tool for success 
  • Growing your email list and then nurturing those relationships 
  • How outsourcing helped Allison 
  • Free podcast course with John Lee Dumas: https://www.eofire.com/fpc 
  • Niching down is necessary!
  • You can’t always have your ideal client
  • The benefits of hiring a business coach 

Thanks for tuning in today with Allison Hardy and all things entrepreneurial! If you’d like to catch up with Allison, you can find her podcast on ITunes under Life by Design, as her and other mompreneurs redefine the term “having it all.”


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