Allison Hardy

Hello Love,

Allison is a self-care business coach who helps mompreneurs raise their babies and businesses simultaneously through developing thriving self-care acts.

Check out her Ultimate Mompreneur Checklist, daily to-do action items that you need to be doing every single day to move you, and your business, forward.

Do you have a nickname?

How old are you?

How old are you at heart?

What is your title and company?

Self-Care Business Coach, Allison Hardy

What year did you launch your business?

What has been a highlight during the time you’ve run your business?
I’ve helped numerous women build businesses from home, which has facilitated empowerment and self-confidence, while also providing for their families in the way that they most desire.

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?
When I first started my business I took a HUGE leap of faith and had absolutely no safety net. I had six consecutive months of absolutely $0, despite me working my tail off. It was really, really scary and put my family in a really bad place financially. While we haven’t fully recovered from that yet, it forced me to get crystal clear and really focus on my priorities. It made my family stronger and made me a much stronger leader in my business.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?
That I am the maker of my own destiny.

What would you say is one thing you do that refreshes you?
That I am unique and my offerings are needed.

What do you want readers to gain from following you on social media?
Empowerment, motivation, and that creating a business that you’re obsessed is 100% possible.

What lessons have you learned through running your business and pursuing your dreams?
That you need to be uniquely you. And to niche down!

What is your favorite lipstick color?
I’m a ChapStick kind of girl.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?
I actually like both! Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and evening.

Finish this sentence: “Be the woman….”
Be the woman your kids think you are.

Get to know Allison further by following her on FacebookInstagram, and you can even join her Facebook Group: The 6-Figure Mompreneur Community!


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