4 Steps to take when Decorating around Color!

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Lets face it, decorating around color can seem a bit intimidating when you don’t know where to start. The wrong or right shade can cause your space to either look gloomy or fabulous. Want an easy approach to decorate around color? Grab a cup of your favorite brew and grab a pad, because here are 4 easy steps that will have you decorating with flying colors!


[dropcap style=" "]1.[/dropcap] Choose a theme

A well designed room needs a theme, you can find it easily by scanning what you are most attracted to when it comes to interior design.

Tip: Take time to develop a list of magazine clippings of all the spaces you LaLa over (Love Adore Like Admire), this will help you decide on your own personal tastes and what you are drawn to. Take note of the pattern.

[dropcap style=" "]2.[/dropcap]Choose a jumping off point

This is a great way to have every piece tie into the room. By choosing a rug, curtain or your favorite art work to denote what colors to use in your space, this can save you tons of time on deciding what coordinates and what doesn’t!

Tip: Have your jumping off point be something that has more than just a few colors. This way you can have fun and are open to a wider variety of decor that may match your design aesthetics.

[dropcap style=" "]3.[/dropcap]Coordinate accordingly

Nothing says chic more than great pieces, and even more, great pieces that go well together and reflect a certain era.

Tip: When deciding on furniture pieces, take note of the lines and bones of each piece and decide from there if they resemble each other and accent one another.

[dropcap style=" "]4.[/dropcap]Take that leap of faith

Decorating around color can be as easy as 123, with a written vision of where you want your space to go, the skies the limit. Be bold and pick out a gorgeous wallpaper that speaks to you. Can’t commit? Why not choose an accent wall and go bright! Paint is such an easy way to amp up any room you just have to take the leap.

I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself on just how well you can coordinate a room in no time!

pottery barn

Featured Image: Pottery Barn

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2


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