5 Days to a Unified Brand

Did you miss our Facebook Group Live take cover? Well, in today’s episode, you’ll get to hear from our guest teacher, Alexys Robbs. She is going to teach us how to unify our brand in five days. 

Listen in as Alexys talks about her five-day branding challenge, which will help you make sure your core values show in your branding, visuals, crafting a voice that echoes, engaging like a pro, and strategy.

About Alexys: 

Alexys Robbs is the founder of Balance Branding in Lakeland, Florida, where she has been empowering small businesses with innovative AI solutions and dynamic branding since 2020. Her eclectic career has included roles as a licensed cosmetologist, an elementary school secretary, and an outreach coordinator for the Girl Scouts, all united by her passion for community service and improvement. As a dedicated wife and mother, Alexys deeply values building community within entrepreneurship. She offers VIP days, providing clients with impactful, quality work in condensed timelines. Alexys is committed to sharing her extensive knowledge on utilizing AI, Google tools, and Canva to enhance small business operations. Join her as she explores the transformative power of strategic branding.

Resources Mentioned:

Challenge: https://www.brandingbalance.com/brand-sync-challenge

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