7 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

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When decorating a Coffee Table there is no one way to truly go about it. Have you found yourself asking lately, “how can I decorate that top with more than just the tv remote?”

Through these easy ways of decorating a coffee table, you will soon be calling yourself a decorating genius.

Here are 7 ways to decorate that top and have a glowing living room just by that one statement piece.

1. Stack it up

Kirsten Krason interiors24

Kirsten Krason Interiors

A stack of books are not only visually appealing but they are easy grabs for those lazy days of reading. Be intential with the stack of books you choose. This can be a very creative way of expressing yourself, it may also impress your guests on what you are currently reading and decide to adorn that top with.

2. KISS – Keep It Simple Silly

Pottery Barn

You can always KISS that coffee table. By just keeping it neutral and having that one statement piece that truly speaks volumes. Try a large decorative piece such as a bowl or may I suggest a large vase glowing with an array of flowers?

3. Layer it

Pottery Barn

A tray can be a great piece to incorporate to your design element. It breaks up the surface and distinguishes said spaces. From there you can build your way up. You can have a pot of tea and glasses to share with your guests, or apply intentional decor pieces. What ever the occasion a tray allows you to break up that space and you can truly adorn that top with guests in mind.

4. Freshen it up!

Blogger Space from Delight in Fancy

By keeping your palette neutral you are able to add a pop of color with some greenery, a small potted plant can go along way.

5. Make it Shine!

pottery barn out door coffee table
Pottery Barn

If you adore more of the glam appeal, then reflective surfaces are for you. Touch up that coffee table with metal accents, glass and items that sparkle!

6. Add Height and Dimension

Pottery Barn

 Mixing your decorative items with height in mind from high to low is a great way to bring interest to any space. Think of paring an exceptionally large decorative piece with smaller items such as a short stack of books or arrangement of candles.

7. Go all in!

Pottery Barn

Incorporating all of the above can also lead to a fantastic coffee table top infused with character. A coffee table is not just a coffee table when done right, it is an extension of who you are and the history you bring into your home.


Take your time, be intentional and by all means have fun! Happy Decorating!




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