A Mom taking back her Wardrobe!

Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (1) Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (2) Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (3)

Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (4)Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (5)Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (6) Changing my wardrobe - Linda Mendible (7)

Hello Love,

I’m sitting here feeling so effortlessly accomplished.

Not because my business is booming.

Not because I have a wildly successful blog.

Nope (all things I hope one day to achieve).

But because I took control of my wardrobe.

As a mom, we have a tendency to forget ourselves in the process of pouring into our lil ones and taking care of everyone. Making sure everyone is being fed, while effortlessly having an abode that has character and looks lived in, if you catch my drift. (House a mess but everyone taken care of and well fed ;))

Not only am I sitting here while placing socks on my toddlers hands because he demands it, but I’m loving this new, mindful of me, me.

I learned, the hard way, that if I take care of mama, I take care of those around me. Such as, the hubby and baby boy who is now reaching for my phone because that’s how I type my posts at times. Hold on, there’s a sock situation.


Listen we have a routine and schedule and not that I am always on the phone, more like…this is currently mama time. Why is he trying to put on one of his lil baby socks over his head, while getting frustrated that he can’t? I have no idea. 

As I was saying, yes I’ve taken over my wardrobe. Let’s face it, like seriously, if you look good it’s just easier to feel good.

Well, at least that’s the case for me. I am one who likes to look my best and looking back at some of my pictures! It’s scary how much I have let myself go.

Not in the sense of not taking showers or over eating. But in the sense of only thinking “shirt check, pants check, presentable ehh ok.

And going about my day with no style.

Yes darling, no style. It’s daunting to admit, but that’s the truth and I’m honestly thankful that I have amazing friends and clients who want to see me do well.

I know style, but knowing and doing is two different things.

xoxo, Ciao


A mom taking back her wardrobe! **Insert High Kick and a Heaven’s YES! Here**

P.S. Yes it was a park full of people, but I didn’t currr I was STYLIN! ♥ By The way, I think that’s one of the cutest pictures not to mention hilarious, of my baby boy! Cracks me up every time!


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