Black Bathrooms! 5 points on decorating with Black walls.

Hello Love!

I’ve been having a color on my mind and it’s black! Black for a bathroom!!

It’s sophisticated enough to create dramatic impact, yet elegant enough to add simplicity.

black is the new black

The thing about painting walls black or any color that is dark & bold, is that it makes the room feel smaller. Not ideal for small spaces, no, but when done right can make a tremendous difference to any home and any space.

Recently I had gone over to meet with a client at her home, of course I had a mini tour and she had asked me about the bathroom (among other rooms, but I wanted to focus on this one in particular).

It’s a half bath with a pedestal sink but, it had enough space and I immediately thought of the color black! It’s a bit risky but why not go a bit bold with a half bath that is mainly used for guests or a quick fix of the lipstick.

When I thought of black, I immediately thought of Gold details and pink! Something akin to Hollywood Regency swag.

So I’m just so excited to just swoon over these spaces with you all! πŸ˜€

Bathroom with black walls bamboo styled gold detailed mirror


I mean seriously, that Gold mirror! I loved how they kept it simple and let the detail of the sink, floors and towel rack shine through. I thought painting the ceiling was a nice touch especially with all that natural light.

Bathroom with black walls and gorgeous sink

See how they went with a wall of mirrors here? That sink O_O I love it in this bathroom and the extra surface space with the side table and lamp works, especially with the basket weave balancing it out. The frames make your eyes go all the away around, it’s a nice touch because it allows you to see the basket and it brings it home. You know like it belongs there.

[dropcap style=” “]1.[/dropcap] When decorating with black walls make sure you understand it’s color story. What colors do you believe go well with black? What would be it’s complimentary color?

Β [dropcap style=” “]2.[/dropcap]Do not paint an already dark room black. Make sure that the room you will be painting black has enough lighting to accommodate this bold color. You don’t want depression as the theme you want BOLDNESS as the theme. The space doesn’t need a window or natural light, just Good lighting.

Bathroom with black walls Black bottom tub


The basket chandelier, vanity and black stool. πŸ™‚ I LOVE that vanity! Can you see how they played with organic shapes? From the circular feet of the tub to the organic details of the chandelier

[dropcap style=” “]3.[/dropcap] Bringing in different shades, or textures of black through decor can heighten the senses and your awareness for it’s simplicity.

Bathroom with black walls gold and pink with detailed gold mirror


I love it from the vanity top up! πŸ™‚ When black is done right it just brings everything to a whole other level.

[dropcap style=” “]4.[/dropcap] Black and white are always a classic and can be made timeless with a bit of gold dust. πŸ™‚ You know what I mean.

Bathroom with black walls Gold mirror with pedalstil sink


Yes, darling I’ll shall be in the powder room reading my memoirs while lightly powdering my nose.

Bathroom with black walls with Industrial bulb and Gold pipes for tub


That light, that floor, that Gold, that tub. In my house now!

Bathroom with black walls with yellow accent chair


Awww it’s a tufted chair. I have a sincere soft spot for anything tufted.

[dropcap style=” “]5.[/dropcap] Always accent black with some shine. Golds, Silvers, Bronzes. All compliment black very well.


Until Next time! Ciao



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