Meet: Shannon Sharpe | Conversionz Make Up Studio

A proud mother, a zealous entrepreneur, and a committed educator. Her amazing skills and talent are not just within the artistry ( ) of makeup but, she is also the founder of the YoungMiss mentoring program(Conversionz4Girlz) ( that caters to girls ages 11-18 which allows these young ladies to better direct their futures. She’s also the president of the Aglow International, in Fuquay Varina lighthouse ( On top of being a teacher for over 15years she currently teaches Middle School Science. Not to mentioned I’ve personally worked with her. How does she do it? Perhaps we can get a bit of insight on this Amazing women. We heart her.
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Name: Shannon M. Sharpe
a.k.a.:  No, I’m a Delta (Just kidding. My most common nickname is Mom)
Age: 41

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Age at heart: 21
Kids: 2 (Girls- Imani & Indi)

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Current title/Company/Blog: MUA/ Conversionz Makeup Studio

Year you launched your Business: 2005

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When did you decide to branch out in the creative business of Makeup?
After being encouraged by a very close friend to turn my makeup artistry gift into a profit. It was something that I was always doing anyway and was pretty good at it.  I took her advice went to makeup school and started my business.

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What led you to also teach young women and become a mentor?

Dealing with young ladies on a regular basis, I found that there was a lack of confidence and vision in so many of them. I believe that if young ladies are aware of all of the options and choices life has to offer them they would make better decisions. By providing them with the proper information, exposure and opportunities, I believe they will gain direction and focus on how to reach their personal goals.

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If there was one key piece of advice you would give what would it be?
Never let anyone else define you -they will always make you too small.

When was your first ‘I’m a grown up’ experience?
Leaving MD and moving to NC, leaving everything and everyone I have ever known to start a new life in NC. It was the most scariest decision that I had “ever” made on my own.

How do you balance work and your personal life?
On a schedule. I have to schedule & plan everything.  I think it stems from me being in education for so many years. I have early mornings that allow me to get a jump on the day.

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Take us through your day. How does a normal day for you look like and how do you usually end it?
My day starts very early with some devotional time to get direction for my day. In between the morning and evening I am actively pursuing one or both of my true passions which is either teaching students or making up faces. I like to end my day with some quality time with my two daughters.

What has been a highlight?
Opening my own business was a huge highlight. It was something that I had never imagined doing and to actually have done it and to now have a growing clientele is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?
Getting a divorce was a very low light for me. Bouncing back is a process and takes time. I found support in surrounding myself with positive others who had healthy family relationships, positive outlooks on life and have overcome the same situation victoriously.

What is one key piece you would share about the Makeup industry?
Less is more! You don’t have to spend tons of money to create a look of beauty or glamour. You should definitely invest in great tools and quality products but once you do, make sure you use what you have and are not just purchasing the “latest and greatest” trends. For MUA’s or aspiring MUA’s -remember YOU are your brand and a walking advertisement. So make sure you are displaying your creativity on “you” first.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?
I remind myself that I am here on purpose and for a purpose and I try to see the opportunity in every difficulty.

Shannon Sharpe Be The Woman Interview on Linda Mendible ()

Favorite Lipstick color?
Nude Lip

Coffee or Tea?

Finish the sentence, Be the woman…that inspires other women that they too can be “thee woman”.


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