Carmela + Jeff Engagement Shoot


It was such a pleasure shooting these two love birds. When Carmela reached out to me to shoot her wedding we immediately clicked and began talking about engagement photos as well and as an add on to her bridal package. Their love story is truly unique and one of a kind and we decided to incorporate how they met into the mix.


We started our photoshoot where they met… at Lowes. I loved how funny and quirky these two are and how you can truly see the love they have for one another. You can tell Jeff was totally enamored by Carmela and Carmela was equally swooned and won over by Jeff. Although our time was short, I know that these images would last them a lifetime including the experience of getting to capture their pre wedding feels. I find these moments special and as someone who has been married for the past 8 years, these moments are a breath of fresh air. Franklin’s and I images that we took while we were dating, they still linger in sweet places within our homes where we can sit and gaze when folding laundry or drinking a Sunday morning coffee. I have a cute picture of the hubby and I when we first became an official couple. I always find pictures of our pre married days to be somewhat magical.

From Lowes we later switched wardrobes and met at a cozy little beach nook at a park they wanted to shoot at. I loved the water behind them and the soft sand beneath them. I truly felt content that we were able to capture their love for one another and they were able to embrace the silliness of it all. These two were beyond silly!

Congratulations Jeff + Carmela


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