Ep7. Making sure you stay true to yourself and God’s Calling


In this episode, I speak with Christina Martinez on her efforts to create her own group for women to be a part of, so that they can take a moment to pause in their everyday lives. Growing Up Gorgeous offers a safe space for women to convene, vent, and support each other! Join me with Christina as she speaks with us about how she turned gatherings with her friends into an inspiring business…

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss in the show:

  • How Growing Up Gorgeous came about 
  • Providing a place for women to come together 
  • Taking a pause in everyday life is important!
  • Word of mouth can be powerful 
  • It is easy for moms to become overwhelmed
  • Finding time to care for yourself is crucial 
  • You are your own biggest enemy!
  • Always have a why 
  • Finding your message and who you serve 
  • Choose community over competition 
  • Always be willing to grow

Thank you for tuning in today and I hope you enjoyed hearing about Christina’s journey to creating her own business in helping other women around her!

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