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Episode 2: Shame, Identity & Courage with Lara Casey


Hello Love!

In this episode, I speak with Lara Casey on all things heart centered and business. We talk about shame, the power of grace taking the leap and of course Courage. Lara goes talks about her journey…

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss on the show,

  • Goal Setting and the Power Sheets!
  • Shame and getting past it
  • How to speak with someone who is going through a tough time
  • Telling it like it is, with authenticity and transparency
  • About Perfection and not feeling qualified
  • Building a team transitioning towards increase
  • Where Lara is at in the season of her business
  • One of Lara’s toughest seasons and how she got through it
  • Hair, and how that played a role in embracing in her new season
  • How big Lara wants to currently grow her business
  • What Lara’s next step and writing her new book
  • Lara’s Daily Schedule
  • Making Sleep a priority
  • We also touch on Sarah’s story on how she became a member of Lara’s family through adoption

I hope you enjoy this grace-filled message of struggle, grace, favor and triumph!

In This Episode

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