HGTV Smart Home – The Kids Den

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Welcome back for your weekly dose of HGTV Smart home design reviewed by yours truly ♥ 🙂

I’m an avid watcher of HGTV in general and I can tell most of you are also. It’s just goodness all around. As I’ve grown in the years so have my knowledge of likes and dislikes, like anyone. I’ve learned to develop a keen eye for design and HGTV has amazing design we can all take pleasure in watching 🙂

On that note, HGTV does not sponsor any of these posts I just genuinely been a fan for years. It’s true!

I love how Hgtv did this year’s giveaway, as a Smart Home and they really added local talent into the accent pieces within the home, which really touches my heart. I love local artisans and handmakers, you guys rock!

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Let’s skiddale upstairs and our first stop is what HGTV likes to call ‘the Kids Den’. LOOOOVE this room, not only is this room rich in colors, but they also have a security monitor installed so you can keep on eye on your lil one or even the nanny. “I thought you said the kid broke that lamp! I got you on security monitor.” Dun-Dun DUUUUUUUUN.

hgtv-15-sh14-kids-den_h_lgI’m a fan of layering, and you can see they layered the room nicely with architectural details, which look to me as though it was done with ply-board. The ceiling and walls really add a needed layer of interest which was brought in nicely with, the wall art really finishes off the space, makes you want to go out for a bike ride. 🙂hgtv-14-sh14-kids-den_v_lgYou can also see a thread going through each space, with the selection of decor used along with rod-iron and a really crisp and airy feel you get from each smart home the kids den hgtv-04-sh14-kids-den_v_lg That’s called martini stand… I love with the color palette. This painting ties everything together.

Tip: When decorating a space, you can pull colors from large pieces such as area rugs or art pieces to tie everything together.
hgtv-08-sh14-kids-den_h_lghgtv-09-sh14-kids-den_h_lgOne of the home’s two portable security cameras monitors the den, allowing parents to keep a close eye on kids while attending other tasks in the home. – via HGTV


For more on this lovely Den go over to HGTV HERE.

For the complete Tour go HERE.

You can also sign up to win over at HGTV! Who knows this smart home can be yours!

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