How to create a bountiful Bouquet that Lasts!

Hello Love,

I especially love the way a beautiful bouquet adorns a home. Flowers are something special and can grace your home in such a way that you will truly be appreciative to the ones who gifted you such a beautiful decor piece. I for one love giving my girl friends flowers when I’m invited over to their homes for dinner or something special.

I’ve learned from my mom to never go to someone’s home empty handed. Mom always knows best!


I love flowers so much that at one point in my life I worked in a beautiful small business flower shop with these amazing women who loved their jobs and loved beautiful things. There was so much positive energy, that I often times find myself reflecting on those precious moments I had, from genuine hard working women surrounded by beauty.


Not only was I able to bask in such an experience, but I also have a great perspective on how people and business used these wondrous creations!

Today, I just have a simple DIY and a Few tips on how to get the most out of your bouquet.

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When choosing a proper bouquet make sure that you see the majority of the blossoms closed or semi closed if you can, it will end up blooming in your home and lasting a lot longer than flowers that have already bloomed in the shop. You want a tight knot so make sure to feel the flowers for firmness. If they feel soft, they will not last as long.

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The Right Cut

As soon as you get your bouquet make sure you cut the ends at a diagonal, so they may absorb the water and the nutrients in the water a bit more and will end up lasting a lot longer than planned.

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Make sure to set your blooms in a nice cool area, for more of a long lasting freshness from your flowers, add ice cold water! Flower shops often place their flowers in coolers to keep them from blooming to quickly.


Now for the bountiful part!

What You’ll Need

How to create a bountiful bouquet Linda Mendible

Your Flower of choice (Mine were these gorgeous white carnations)

How to create a bountiful bouquet that lasts (7)

A pair of sharp scissors…

How to create a bountiful bouquet that lasts (4)

A vase prepped to place your flowers in…

How to create a bountiful bouquet that lasts (6)

Ready to arrange!

I like to measure the height that I want from the corner of the table so I know where the flowers will end, instead of playing a guessing game and cutting to much or not enough. I find this makes the process a whole lot easier!

How to create a bountiful bouquet that lasts (10)

In order to have my bouquet look a lot fuller than what they are I try to have them differ in height so they may cover more space.

How to create a bountiful bouquet that lasts (12)


I hope you liked my tips! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and I hope you can experience the most out of your bouquet.

How to create a bountiful bouquet

xoxo, Ciao!

P.S. Don’t judge me to much on the background, those snowflakes no longer adorn that area :). I also have baseball players in my home and they hit and cracked one of the hanging frames! Currently decorating my home and hope to share with you all, piece by piece.


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