How to Use Podcasting to Amplify Your Message

Are you looking to start a podcast? Are you not growing as fast as you would like? Erin Tofani is a podcast strategist and producer who helps podcasters amplify their message through podcasting—without burning out.

In this episode, Erin shares her advice to beginner podcasters who are new to launching, how to market your podcast to gain new listeners, the importance of defining your podcast niche, and how to pitch yourself as a guest to other podcasts.

Listen now to learn how podcasting can help you reach your ideal client, and how it can grow your business!

About Erin

Erin Tofani is a 9-5 drop-out turned brand podcast partner, who specializes in guiding 6-7 figure online coaches and mentors, particularly existing podcasters, to create bingeworthy podcasts; when their current podcast strategy isn’t quite hitting the mark. Her unique approach to podcast strategy audits everything from the ground up, identifying gaps, sourcing creative solutions, and incorporating Human Design to tailor strategies to her clients unique personalities and energy levels.

Erin believes podcasts can expand you, amplify your voice (and your mission), and deepen your community connection – all while supporting your business [strategically] – without overcomplicating your actual life.

She has guided clients who launched their shows scared, then hit Apple’s top 100 on day one. She’s helped grow podcasts that her clients are obsessed with, shows that bank them over 1k+ downloads per episode, make passive sales & get lots of love in the DM’s – while they sleep.

Resources Mentioned

Erin’s preferred podcast equipment:

Check out Erin’s private podcast, [un]Mute Yourself: Erin’s Podcast

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