Rising from the Fire to Find Your Creativity with Lucy Brummett


Meet Lucy

Lucy’s story as a writer began in high school and she started out writing poetry for herself. She used to read her mom’s romance novels and got hooked. There is a romance novel that she started years ago that is still waiting to be told. When her mother-in-law became sick with cancer she took a class called “Writing from the heart.” She’s a former newspaper columnist, has published a few short stories in two books with a group of writers, and was a contributor this past summer in a women’s magazine.

  • You can do both, your children do not need to be a hurdle to your dreams
  • Conquering your fears of being visible (she didn’t want to be online)
  • Biggest fear: you’re not ready yet
  • Some of Lucy’s biggest challenges have brought new levels of creativity
  • When you are in your element it feels like magic and it’s something you look forward to doing

Where to find Lucy Brummett


Her podcast, Arrows and Lattes

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Do you have a nickname?
I’ve had a variety of nicknames depending on my friends.

How old are you?

How old are you at heart?
Sometimes I’m 16 and other times I feel 21.

What is your title and company?
Writer/Lula Lucy

What year did you launch your business?

What has been a highlight during the time you’ve run your business?
I would have to say by pursuing my dream and being consistent it has opened up doors of opportunity.

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?

Worrying too much on the perceptions of others. We all want to do our best. Sometimes you’re extra vulnerable during the pursuit of your dream and you can be a victim of self-doubt. I try to find a like-minded person that I can talk to and then shake it off and get back on track. We all have our moments and need to believe in ourselves more.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?

That no matter how scary it looks that I have to keep on going. Going backwards is not an option. I tell myself that I’m worthy of receiving the awesome things that I am looking for.

What would you say is one thing you do that refreshes you?

Archery always refreshes me. It is a time that I can focus on shooting my compound bow and not think of anything else. It’s me and my bow. It gives me clarity. I love the challenge that it gives me. I am completely absorbed in that moment to see if I that I can shoot the target that I’m aiming for.

What do you want readers to gain from following you on social media?

I would like them to feel inspired and motivated. To feel good about pursuing their dream whether it is a personal one or as an entrepreneur. I want to share things that are relatable, that will make them think and maybe even dig deeper.

What lessons have you learned through running your business and pursuing your dreams?

That I’m stronger than I think and that I matter more than I think sometimes. To accept when the awesome opportunities come my way because of what I do. That whatever percentage I put into this is what it takes to propel me forward always. Staying consistent and patient.

What is your favorite lipstick color?
I am definitely in the berries color scheme and like to rock out a classic red also.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Coffee hands down every time! I’m willing to try any kind of flavor whether it is straight coffee or a latte.

Finish this sentence: “Be the woman….”
Be the woman that unleashes her inner warrior to do the things that are worth fighting for.


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