Define Your Priorities and Feel Freedom with Leslie Limardo


Meet Leslie Limardo

Leslie Limardo is the founder of Life Management Coaching, an organization that helps women clarify their priorities, simplify their lives to focus, and confidently work on and accomplish their goals.

In today’s episode we talk about:
– How to identify your true priorities
– Why it is a blessing to only have 24 hours a day
– How to create your day that fills your cup

Leslie Limardo is a single mother, first-generation immigrant, and New York, native. She is the founder of Life Management Coaching, an organization that helps women clarify their priorities, simplify their lives to focus, and confidently work on and accomplish their goals. She is passionate about guiding women to see invisible mindsets that keep them from successfully managing their lives and business.

Get to Know Leslie Limardo

Do you have a nickname?

How old are you?

How old are you at heart?

What is your title and company?
Life Management Coaching

What year did you launch your business?

What has been a highlight during the time you’ve run your business?
The flexibility it has given me to homeschool my high schooler. When my daughter was younger, I spent many years working and spent no quality time with her. Raising her felt like a burden to my success at work-that’s why I quit. Now I’m getting that time back, and I love it.

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?
Years spent trying to find my niche. I had two groups of women I was passionate about helping. I’m multi-passionate and wanted to help the women I see as well as the women who are around me (friends, and family). Eventually, I chose one group and have been focused.
I spent a lot of time frustrated and confused. Did God really call me to entrepreneurship? But I kept doing the work, seeing clients, praying, asking, and eventually, it came to me.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?
I find I have less motivation the older I get-which has been difficult. In my twenties, I was passionate, driven, and ambitious. In my forties, I don’t want to spend as much time working. I want to spend time with my daughter and do other things like traveling. However, to get that life I have to work. I think of my “why” all of the time to help me focus. Also, setting up systems where you don’t think and just do, also helps. Motivation comes every once in a while. If you wait until you are motivated you will never get anything done.

What would you say is one thing you do that refreshes you?
Naps and daily prayer time! I nap daily in the middle of the day. I work best at night so that’s how I structure my schedule. Also my time with God in the morning. I spill everything in the morning so I’m not thinking about things during the day I can’t control. I surrender and give them up early in the morning.

What do you want readers to gain from following you on social media?
Clarity, simplification, and mindset shifts that women need to make. My email list is also where I spend most time giving tips.

What lessons have you learned through running your business and pursuing your dreams?
I worked in a university setting for over twenty years, and while it was challenging work, it was easier than entrepreneurship. In a company, you have an audience and a mission, and your job is to do your job. As an entrepreneur, you are creating all of it: an audience, establishing yourself as an expert, the mission, etc.
I also have to see my dreams as something that can actually happen. It’s very easy to give up because it’s hard but I have to learn to stay focused.

What is your favorite lipstick color?
l don’t wear lipstick. Natural colored gloss

Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Hot chocolate!

Finish this sentence: “Be the woman….”
Be the woman who changes her mind about what’s possible.


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