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minisode 3: Failure, Perfectionism & Passing the baton



Thank you for stopping by today! Today is a subject that I find myself dwelling in for far too much which doesn’t allow me to finish projects, post when I need to or just put the work I have done out there. You may be familiar with the culprit in your own work or personal life. I’m talking about Perfectionism, and it plagues many of us entrepreneurs. I speak on not only the concept of perfectionism but how it corresponds to failure. It’s an interesting concept one I hope you gain revelation from by listening to today’s show!

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Today’s minisode we’ll cover:

  • How perfectionism can lead to procrastination
  • How procrastination can lead to failure
  • What it means to run your race
  • The significance of passing the baton!
  • Rocky! Oh yea I touch on Rocky Balboa