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If you’re a Web Designer and you’re tired of the long project days, getting ghosted and booking lower end projects just to get by, apply for my 1-1 coaching program. Where I help you create VIP Intensives. Start launching websites in 1- 3 Days!

Discover the Secrets on how to launch a website in 3 Days or less!

In 2016 I began to sell clothes that help women feel beautiful and confident. My mission is to inspire women to be who God created them to be.


Hello Love! The great thing about North Carolina, the weather changes pretty quickly. One day you could be wearing a tee and some casual slacks and the next you’re bundled up, all in the same week. I currently have a very limited wardrobe but that doesn’t stop me from mixing and matching. I believe in […]


Read Part 1 of 2: HERE I’ve finally gotten to a very special time in my life, where God has challenged me in a way that really has cleared away some of the clutter that was in my heart. Funny how He can do that sometimes. Recently I did a post on my 2014 Highlights. I […]


Hello Love, Well we did it, We went up to Charlotte and we strutted our Awesomeness. May you all have an amazing Thanks Giving. I’m taking my Vacation this week ♥ I heart ya. Stay tuned! Lord willing I will be back next week, starting Dec 1, with some goodies and later on that week […]


Hello Love! So I just want to start off by saying,THANK YOU for stopping by! Now…ONWARD! Soooo this past month in September I had the most amazing opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do, a Video! How cool is that!


Lately… Surface Pattern Designer:  Khristian A. Howell Where do I begin? Jesus never said that in this world we will not have trouble. I’ve been going through some ups and downs, mostly just emotional, next year I’ll be hitting the big 3-0 (I can’t even bring myself to truly say it) and honestly I don’t […]



I help mompreneurs book high ticket projects with ease. And it all starts with making sure you have the right systems & workflows in place.

Let's help you become more visible and get more eyes on your beautiful brand.

I'm a wife, mom of 3 I really enjoy being creative & creating content for my clients and customers. I love spending time designing,  creating systems and strategies that help you get seen & heard with the bonus of saving time.

I'm on a mission to help you become more visible, have more uninterrupted time with your family and loved ones with less stress, by doing what YOU Love in a way that seems too good to be true. I'm here to help you with the right mindset and framework, that makes things easy and effortless, will you join me?

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Linda Mendible takes you behind the scenes with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, moms, working professionals and amazing people pursuing their passions and going for their dreams.

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