Women in Tech Should be the Norm Not the Exception with Tech Me Out


Meet Tech Me Out

In this episode, I speak with Tech Me Out, who is a Youtuber, influencer, and tech enthusiast. She’s the founder of TechMe0ut, which is a YouTube channel where she talks about everything technology from product reviews, unboxings for Android AND iOS, etc.

Join me on this episode as she discusses her journey into the technology world, her challenges, and how she was able to navigate through them and grow her channel to over 370+ thousand subscribers.

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss in the show:

Never stop pursuing your dreams.
Everyone’s definition of success may look different.
The power of women in the tech industry
How she grew her YouTube channel

Tech Me Out runs a tech-based channel on Youtube known as Techmeout. You can find videos from her regarding a multitude of things from product reviews to app reviews. She tries to cover as much as she can in the tech world and provide viewers with insight and honest opinions. She started her channel to reach those who want the perspective from your everyday consumer. For those who want a clear, concise, yet engaging and easy to understand review or tutorial video surrounding an array of tech-related topics.

Get to Know Tech Me Out

Do you have a nickname? you?
My viewers know me as Techmeout. I do not use my real name on social media

How old are you?

What is your title and company?
Owner – Techmeout

What year did you launch your business?

What has been a highlight during the time you’ve run your business?
– Working with Youtube on an ad to encourage people to get out and vote
– Reaching a point where I could quit my job and pursue my business full-time
– Winning Youtube Nextup and being selected for Youtube Global Creator Camp

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?
A few years ago I was working on my master’s degree, working full-time, and trying to manage my Youtube channel which was a lot for me to juggle at that point in time. As a result my viewership suffered when I became very inconsistent with my video uploads. Once I graduated school I got a better grip on time management and started to upload more consistently which in turn helped my Youtube channel grow.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?
Stay relentless. Its a motto I live by. You have to work hard and consistently at whatever you want in life, therefore I strongly believe you have to stay relentless, even when success has been reached, don’t get comfortable…always remain humble and hungry.

What would you say is one thing you do that refreshes you?
I enjoy a good nap lol movie or going out to eat. I also really enjoy connecting with other social media influencers, business owners, or entrepreneurs.

What do you want readers to gain from following you on social media?
I want my readers/viewers to gain a better understanding of technology from apps that they can enjoy on their devices to products in which they can use to help simplify daily tasks. I want them to feel a sense of excitement as they embrace, discover, and better understand the evolution of technology. I also seek to show my audience that although smaller in number, women serve a demographic in the tech community and have a voice as well.

What lessons have you learned through running your business and pursuing your dreams?
I have learned to remain consistent, stay focused, be humble, connect with your audience, and never ever give up. Time management is vital so learn it and implement it immediately.

What is your favorite lipstick color?
I don’t wear lipstick but I do like lip gloss lol

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Finish this sentence: “Be the woman….”
Be the woman that you work and wish to be…fearlessly and limitless, live for yourself.

Learn more about TechMeOut by visiting her website Or Youtube Channel


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