5 Tips and Tricks on How to Decorate your Space

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Decorating our homes to fit our lifestyle can be a bit intimidating when our daily news feed gets bombarded with the next new buzz or must have. With to-do lists, work and grocery shopping, our busy schedules can sometimes lead us to easily neglect our surroundings.

While we would all love a retreat from the hustle and bustle we call life, we often find ourselves stuck with the weight of having too much on our plates and not enough time to do what we really want. Here are 5 tips & tricks that can help you ease on into piecing together that chic space you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Set the Mood When decorating, it is easy to lose sight of those statement items that actually create the mood.  Ask yourself what type of space would you enjoy most or best reflect your sense of style? For instance, if you would like a spa-like retreat or a cabin feel, there are usually colors associated with these looks. What colors remind you of a spa? Neutrals, pastels, natural stone elements? Make this decision first, then pick your color palette.

Tip: Write out a list of colors you would like to see in your space by the mood it reflects.


2. Decor After establishing a well-thought-out mood, the next step is to invest in stylish decor and furnishings. Write out a list of must-have items and another for wish-list items. Don’t be afraid to teeter off to something that may not completely match the mood, such as an item you adore, but also remember to show some restraint. What style will convey your chosen mood most accurately? Minimalist? Contemporary? Glamour? Once you have done this you are ready to shop for several great decor pieces.

Tip: For instance an acrylic ball lamp can have a glamorous feel while a sunburst mirror can have more of a retro style.

Valspar paint green bathroom Valspar Paint

3. Color Color can be intimidating when decorating a home. Don’t be afraid to take charge and trust your instincts.. Take risks while also having fun, color can be incorporated in a variety of ways and can actually pull a look together. For instance, drapes, pillows and accent pieces can really add drama and depth to your arrangement. Keeping your furniture neutral while expressing yourself through these elements can create a space you can adjust accordingly by the season you’re in.

Tip: Select an item that speaks to you such as an area rug and pull the colors from it, you’d be surprised how quickly you create a well balanced room.

West Elm rustic dining room West Elm

4. Furniture Negative space is considered space that is not being utilize. You can optimize your living space through furniture that duels as a storage unit or has a double function. Not only will it be appealing but it will also be functional.

Tip: Instead of a coffee table consider an ottoman that duels as a sitting area or a storage component. Storage units can create great space dividers when done properly.

Alexandra Kaehler Interior Designer Interior Designer Alexandra Kaehler

5. Arrangement Regardless as to how daunting decorating your own home can be, the great part of this experience is that you get to be creative and express yourself in a unique way. Furniture placement adds to the impact you and your guest will have to your home. Make sure to arrange larger pieces such as couches and accent chairs in a way that creates a conversation and remember to leave space for walkways.

For smaller items such as side tables and lighting these should compliment the larger furnishings without being to bulky. Balance and synchronicity play a major role in how visually stimulating and appealing your space can be. Make sure you balance your room through accent pieces such as plants, vases, mirrors and rugs. Allow yourself to get two of the same items to instill symmetry.

Tip: When arranging furniture always keep in mind your seat structure for when you receive guests, imagine how they can flow in and out of your space without feeling trapped, taking into consideration the focal point of the space.

Featured Image: Interior Designer Susan Fredman


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