Fit Bump & Daily burn – Workout Update!

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Look Details: Tank: [Theia] Bottoms: [Eos] Glasses: [Oakley] Sneakers [Reebok] Bracelet: [Karijobe – WE ARE Mt 5:14]

Hello Loves!

Thanks for joining me on my weight loss journey!

It has not been easy and I seem to have plateaued at 159lbs. I must admit, I’ve digressed to my old eating habits but since I’m on this new Daily Burn Regimen and Program I’m going to add eating right with exercise! Which I have done this week. I’m officially a vegetarian I’m on day 3 today and I have noticed a substantial difference. For meal plans, health tips I go to

I’m fully enjoying the benefits of exercise and LOVED that I was able to add Daily Burn into my routine. It was great looking over my options of different workouts to choose from depending on my intensity level. They’re customer service is amazing Theodora over at Daily Burn help me pick out an amazing workout program through recommendations!

I loved the choices Daily Burn offered, from toning to losing weight and sculpting for you fitness buffs.

I was in a battle between the very appealing 15 min workouts and New beginner, hehe, just because they seemed easier. Then I remembered my goal is to lose weight and I ended up choosing TBT Tactical Body Training

TBT is a quick 28 day body blast. We’ll alternate 2 days of workouts – 2 days of recovery. On the workout days, you’ll make fast progress by learning the moves the first day and pushing hard for increased burn the next. – via Daily Burn

So this is week one on TBT! I hope by the end of the 28 days I’m closer to my goal weight of 125. I’m not going to lie, TBT kicked by badonk and I woke up extremely soar,  I’m also a bit behind so I hope to pick it up this weekend. Pray for me please!

I loved that they have everything laid out from the equipment needed and your schedule! As someone who has invested in video work outs, such as Insanity and P90x I’d totally recommend Daily Burn. It’s easy, user friendly and you don’t need to scramble to find your calendar when its always on the site. Super convenient.

The amazing part about this whoooole experience is that I was actually considering to invest in a local workout program on top of my gym membership, as a new mom it’s difficult to get out the house (especially for us breast feeding moms). Daily Burn is a time saver! All I have to do is log in, no Dvd’s to fumble through no check back on a calendar or work out book!

I’m a BIG advocate on things that save time!

I can pause, rewind go back and if it’s too long I can also opt for their shorter programs! I’m not limited to just 1, and there’s a plethora of choices to choose from.

I’d rather go to a website and have my schedule all layed out then pop in a disc, while trying to maintain my calendar.

It’s so easy its fun!

Added bonus, I get to feel like a pro with Fit Bump’s gear when either out for a stroll with the lil one or at home burning it out daily! ♥

I’ve added the tank to my wardrobe, with a pair of jeans and some cute sandals, honey there’s nothing better than a cute tank in the summer, this one can also go on top of your bathing suit!

Favorite feature: I was surprised the bottoms had pockets, I loved that. It’s incredibly stretch and if I opt for baby number 2 I can wear it with my baby bump!

 The tank and bottoms is c/o Fitbump and the workout program c/o DailyBurn, all opinions are my own!



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