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Peace College graduate with a B.A. in English. Dancer for 15 years. Phenomenal dancer within Peace College Dance Company. Choreographer of the Year, 2009. Former Modern dance member of Urban Gypsies and In Symmetry Dance Ensemble. Freelance model and member of Models for Charity. Insurance Records Analyst. College Writing Tutor. School of Professional Studies test Proctor. Avid reader and writer. Blogger. Film enthusiast. Geek at heart, fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC etc. Resume extensive, this woman is fierce!


Name: Kimberly Grimes
A.K.A.: Kimmie or Kimbo or Kimster (I’ve never liked Kim. I’ve always felt like it didn’t represent my multi-faceted character)
Age: 27

Age at heart: 8
Kids: Some day, God willing

Current title/Company/Blog: Kimster – That’s What She Said Blog

Year you launched your Blog: 2010


When did you become a dancer and why dance?
I’ve been dancing for about 16 years in the styles of Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop. Though, I probably came out of the womb dancing due to the countless episodes of Fame my mom watched while pregnant with me. I’ve never felt more alive than when I performed. My movement vocabulary often speaks the words my heart and mind can’t always convey. The moment I brought my director to tears with my choreography in high school, I knew that God had blessed me with a gift to touch the hearts of my audience, and gifts like that are a true honor.


What has been your biggest motivation thus far?
My biggest motivation is my big brother. He is my hero.

As a Film enthusiast what draws you into film and what are your Top 5 favorite films of all time!?
I’m drawn in by a film’s compelling story, visual stimulation, intricate characters, and a beautiful soundtrack which seeps into my subconscious as I watch the film. My top 5 films are The Last Samurai, Guardians of the Galaxy, How to Train Your Dragon, Rocky IV, and the Star Wars Saga (on a marathon day that counts as one movie, right?)

What would you say is one thing you do that refreshes you?
I pray in my car on my way to work. It brings peace to my soul and gets me ready to take on the day.

How would you say your love of Star Wars and Marvel Comics has played a role in your life? Inquiring geeky minds would love to know!
My older brother and I are very close. To this day I believe it has a lot to do with the countless hours we would sit watching Star Wars eating Tootsie Rolls and reading X-Men comics while eating Oreos. (Yes, I have a sweet tooth). I am a bit of an introvert, but conversing with anyone about the parallel and significance of comic book themes in society really brings me out of my shell. Also, Star Wars and Marvel have proven that women don’t have to be the damsels in distress. They can be the sole hero rocking killer boots and a range of superpowers.


How do you balance and manage your schedule?
I’m a visual person, so I keep a detailed calendar on my phone with photo icons to represent specific appointments, fashion shows, parties, projects, etc. This way I don’t overbook myself. Sometimes I plan my day down to the minute, including lunch and snack breaks, and travel time from one activity to the next. However, I always try and take a minute to breathe and be thankful for the ability to even be able to take part in so many opportunities.


What was your first ‘I’m a Grown Up’ experience?
Driving a car by myself, at the age of 16, to my first day at work.

Take us through your day. How does a normal day for you look like and how do you usually end it?
Interestingly enough, each of my days are different due to various part time jobs and fashion shows, but my day starts at 5:45 am when I wake up and get ready to work at 7. I work as an insurance Records Analyst from 7 – 3:45. I may go to Starbucks before working as a college Writing Tutor from 4:30-6:30. Then I may have a Models for Charity meeting or fitting for an upcoming Fashion show. I get home around 8:30 pm where I end my day with dinner and playing with my bunny, Maximus.



What is one key piece you would share about Dance?
Never be afraid to fall. It’s nothing you cannot rise from. Also, it can often be improvised into an awesome low level movement.

How does one become a Choreographer, and what is the work behind that?

I was blessed to work with great dance directors over the years who allowed dancers to cultivate their movement vocabulary through choreographic expression and opportunities. I went on to take dance courses, attaining a level of Modern choreographic knowledge that I had the opportunity to utilize and create pieces to perform and set on other dancers for concerts.

Are you still doing Choreography and do you have other events planned?
I haven’t been on a dance company since April, but I am always creating movement to choreograph new pieces.


What has been a highlight?
In college I created a dance in memory of my first bunny, Quizzy, who passed away from cancer. The piece, “Precious Quizzy: Reaching to Heaven” was included in a News and Observer article.

What has been a lowlight and how did you bounce back?
I actually recently learned that my management team was leaving and I’m bouncing back from the shock and trying to stay positive.

What was the inspiration behind your blog?
I love writing and I wanted to get all of the thoughts bouncing around in my head out (be it comics, film reviews, TV) in a way that would help me connect with readers all over the world with similar interests and passions.


What do you want readers to get from your blog and social media platforms?
I want readers to walk away with a laugh or smile on their face feeling like they have an outlet to come to away from the stressors they may encounter in their everyday life.

What lessons have you learned, through blogging, being a geek :), work, while also pursuing your dreams and working on future platforms?
I have found that I love blogging and connecting with people who share the same interests in the comic book culture and movies. Even when I’m not sure if people are reading my blog, I still continue to post because it makes me happy. I have learned that some people will try and deter you from following through with your passions, while others will try to duplicate. However, the toughest struggle is overcoming the doubt within yourself that you can’t achieve the success you want.

What do you tell yourself that keeps you motivated?
“I’m awesome.”


Favorite Lipstick color? Currently Avon’s Terracotta shade. I’m still working on perfecting my red lip shade.

Coffee or Tea? Iced Tea. I’m a born and raised Southern gal. 😉

Finish the sentence, Be the woman…Who can look back and tell your younger self, “stay strong, you’re going to make a difference in the world.”

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