12 Creative Gallery Walls!

Hello Love,

Lately I’ve been crushing on so many things which is so wonderful because that just means I have some more Decor Crush worthy items for you in the future! Yay.

This has been an amazing week, I squeezed in some model fittings, worked on 3 looks aaaand I’m actually right inline with the schedule I’ve set! Awesomesauce! (I get inspired a lot by instagram. hehe)

I love that I get to do these posts even though they are a bit simple, I really do it to get inspired and learn something new! Which I hope you do too.

Since I’m working on a family room, and a very limited budget the idea came so quick like a flash and bolt of lightening! The cheapest and most profound impact you can achieve in any living space is hitting a few basics. One of these basics is a Gallery wall!

With yard sales, flea markets, let’s not forget craiglist! You can find super affordable and at times beautiful frames that just need a lil TLC.

Check out some very inspiring and truly creative Gallery walls! Enjoy…ohhh I know I did. **has a half devious smile and sips on coffee** I know I did. 🙂




oars and gallery wall with round mirror mimicking port hole


I mean you gotta love a gallery wall theme and those oars!



O_O That Chandelier alone made it a pick worthy pic.



I love the idea of several walls being a gallery wall other than just one. You know?



I love this idea! It would also be super cool if the wall color was chalk board paint!



Oooh la la, oui oui, Paris! Hey a gallery wall inspiration board. Not bad for a, let’s say, office. hmmm **lightly synchronized finger taps her chin with right hand, because the left is typing away**





Ahhh the beautiful tree of life. 🙂







Or just GO Green! haha, I had to.

And here is a cute bonus that I found. Yay and high five! Why does it have to be Friday that we high five 😀 I high five all the time!

Ideas & Layouts For Gallery Walls 2

Which look is your favorite?


  1. Marissa says:

    I love gallery walls, you can be so creative with them. I had one in our living room and now that we are moving I plan to put one up in the kids’ new room as well as in the living room again.

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