Episode 3: Reaching your goals and living the life of your dreams with Brett Blair



In this episode, I speak with Coach Brett Blair. He has an amazing story of trial and triumphs finding what he wants in life and going for it despite the trials. This is an incredible episode listen to it all the way through and give a shout out to Brett over on Twitter, let him know Linda sent ya. 🙂

A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss on the show,

  • Quitting his corporate job of over 20 years to become an entrepreneur
  • Finding Structure & Priorities
  • Tom Hill and his influence on Brett’s life
  • How his business grew and a leadership principle he learned along the way
  • Brett’s book
  • The study of resilience and gratitude
  • Positivity and the winning ratio
  • The power of a good question
  • The basics of sales
  • The power of belief!


In This Post

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