Meet: Shannon Sharpe | Conversionz Make Up Studio (w/ unboxing video of Pretty Packs)

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Welcome, next week on the Podcast will be Shannon Sharpe and I can’t wait for you all to be blessed by her! She is truly an inspiration, a proud mother, a zealous entrepreneur, and a committed educator. Her amazing skills and talent are not just within the artistry ( ) of makeup but, she is also the founder of the YoungMiss mentoring program (Conversionz4Girlz) ( that caters to girls ages 11-18 which allows these young ladies to better direct their futures.  Not to mentioned I’ve personally worked with her. Where we launched her fierce website which you can learn more about that HERE.

How does she do it? Perhaps we can get a bit of insight on this amazing woman. We heart her and I know it’s going to bless your life. Each Tuesday I hope to bring an inspirational interview of getting to know our Podcast Guests first hand. I was so blessed to sit down with Shannon who you are about to meet. The Podcast airs next Tuesday so don’t miss out and subscribe to the email list as well as the Podcast! Either way, check back next week for Podcast Episodes and interviews.

Do you have a nickname?
No, I’m a Delta (Just kidding. My most common nickname is Mom)


How old are you?


How old are you at heart?


What is your title and company?
Makeup Artist, Conversionz Makeup Studio


What year did you launch yo business?

When did you decide to branch out in the creative business of Makeup?
After being encouraged by a very close friend to turn my makeup artistry gift into a profit. It was something that I was always doing anyway and was pretty good at it.  I took her advice went to makeup school and started my business.

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