Decor Crush – Book Shelves!

I’ve always found books to be magical. I love reading, always have. As a young one, I loved going to the library and picking out a good book.

There’s nothing like it.

I usually considered recommendations which led to some interesting reads, or I’d pick out an interesting cover and read the first few pages just to see if it would draw me in.

Usually in a great book, the first three lines hooks me.

After school, while waiting for my brothers and sisters to come out from their schools down in Miami, I’d always curl up at the park with a good book. Luckily, this park was right down the street from our schools and all within the same radius. With just the perfect amount of shade.

There’s nothing like the sunshine and shade with a light cool breeze as you enjoy an interesting read. Sometimes we don’t know just how good we have it.

Ever since I recommended a book shelf to one of my clients for their space, which was something that hadn’t crossed their mine to incorporate, I’ve been loving the concept of bookshelves.

I crush on them!

Not only do they hold your books but they also bring an amazing aesthetic into your space and make it feel more lived in.

Whether it’s a small nook, or an in home library, here are just a few curated one of a kind bookshelves that I adore!


I love yellow, well I love every color but I’m truly digging  these shelves, great for storage and a great show piece for books.


You can’t help but appreciate funky design. This shelf alone is a decor piece!

 This is one of my favorites, I love the separation and the middle book shelf.windsor-smith-library-built-in-book-shelves-Interior-Design-Sophia-Cok-Living-BozemanSource

This is so inviting. Loving the Jute rug in the space as well.


Ikea always has amazing products, love this green sofa accent piece against the back drop of cascading books ♥

Can I cozy up in a corner here? I’m sure I’ll find an interior design book in this space.


Another score with Ikea.ikea-bookcase-expedit-room-divider-via-atSource

I’ve always found  that bookshelves make the best space dividers.img17oSource

Let me draw up some floor plans and sketches there just one time.interior-design-classic-wood-chair-sofa-carpet-home-library-bookcase-shelves-furniture-furnishing-rack-cabinet-book-case-house-Source

I usually don’t go for plaid, but I must say it does work in this space. Bust out the box of cubans and the scotch! Loving the Chandelier and rug with the ottoman and geometric side table. Well done!

I LOVE a good gallery wall, with a book shelf? It’s a no brainer.

I hope I’ve given you something to consider on your space layout.

Consider a built in which really adds value to your home and space when done well. Not able to commit? They make great space dividers and is always a fantastic feature.

Until Next Time Ciao!



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