The Crescent Law Firm – OFFICE Reveal!

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One of my amazing friends has step out and is starting her own Law Practice called, The Crescent Law Firm! Guess who gets to help her decorate it!? This girl!

image (21) image (13) image (18) image (26) image (20) image (10)

floor plan

I started with measurements and a floor plan. It’s a great reference point and a great way to understand what fits in the space and what doesn’t.

PRO Tip: Make sure to also measure ceiling height. Carry your measurements with you while shopping for furniture and decor.





image (21)





image (20) image (19) image (11)


Through this process, I made sure to put together a good list of sources with prices within Ihouma’s budget. We were able to pick out furnishings & decor. 


PRO Tip: When you are on a budget make sure to do some comparison shopping ,checking out local deals, thrifts and apply coupons. Don't go shopping without coupons, when on a budget!




image (12)
Here we were getting ready to hang up the frames I got for amazing prices at TJMaxx, seriously I went comparison shopping and TJMaxx had the best deals and the best quality.




image (24)

This space was done on an incredibly tight budget! To be honest that was all God. I look back on it now and I’m completely amazed.




image (18)

image (24)

image (13)

image (19)

image (11)

image (20)

image (21)

PRO Tip: Ultimately, having a space that allows you to feel comfortable will also allow you to be more productive.

image (25)

Pro Tip: To polish up natural wood furniture pieces use Olive oil. It's eco-friendly, in your kitchen and it gets the job done. You can also add Lemon juice. The wood will just absorb it beautifully.

image (26)

PRO Tip: Make a list of must haves and a wish list

image (13)

My experience with Linda Mendible Interior Decorating was very fulfilling. My experience was more rewarding, because in my search for an interior decorator, I found an authentic friend, entrepreneur and highly talented individual. At the time I met Linda, I had just secured an office space to begin my law practice. Linda did not only decorate the interior of my office, she also came up with effective ways to save on start-up cost and drastically slashed my budget, saving me a ton of money. She is highly professional and has great work ethics. Linda is naturally endowed with an eye for aesthetics. She is passionate about her clients and takes every feedback seriously. Linda Mendible Interior Decorating literally transformed my empty office into a beautiful, clients’ oriented boutique law firm. Thank you Linda Mendible! Happy client. 
–  The Crescent Law Firm, Ihuoma Ibgoanugo







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